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How can I get Easter Seals to stop calling our house?

Asked by jbfletcherfan (13207points) July 5th, 2009

They’re been calling for weeks & weeks. We have Caller ID & I know it’s them, because I called the number back. Last week I just picked up the phone, laid it down on the desk & walked away. They called again. I talked to a gal & told her to take our number off the list. They just called AGAIN! Now I’m mad. I again told her to take our number off. She was still yammering as I hung up. How can I get this stopped? We’re on the Do Not Call Registry, but charities are exempt from this. What can I do??? I am SO sick of them!

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Call the president of your local Easter Seals chapter, and tell them that you will, never, ever give them money because they’re hounding you.

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You could ask your phone provider to block the number , I know in the uk British Telecom perform such tasks for a fee of about £10 per month .
What happens is , they give you a number to call and register the numbers you wish to block . Its free for 7days , then if you want to keep it ( the company will stop calling , if they get the no service tone) you can keep blocking any number . But the free trial works , i don’t know if your provider has such services .

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Here we can dial *60 and enter the number to block. These are the directions (warning PDF).

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@johnpowell Ooh, thanks!!! I’m printing this out as I type. I don’t know if it’ll work with our phone company, but I’m sure going to try.

I’ve also found a web site here that I just registered a complaint. Between the two, I hope I can get this stopped.

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@johnpowell Many thanks! Great info!

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Put a really bizarre outgoing message on your answering machine. That’s what I did. They get the Orgasmic Church of Evelyn when they call, and they never leave a message, thinking they have the wrong number.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra LOLLLLLLL. Good one. I’d thought about getting one of those high-powered whistles & give them a good blow. But I’d probably get sued for breaking someone’s ear drum!!! :-(

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I have the same problem with the fraternal order of police. I’m hoping some of these suggestions will work for me, too.

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Ask them for help! I have been hounded for donations and when I know who the charity/paid canvaser is calling from, I act like I need help from them and that I am happy that they are finally returning my call for assistance.

They hang up quicker than anything.

The other way is to ask how much actually goes to the charity, and if they are paid fundraisers, they back off….
Ask for the donation request to be sent to you in the mail. DO NOT provide your address, they would have it if they have your number. Explain you do nothing without a written request.

Some areas it is still legal for fundraisers to call you even if you are on the “do not call lis”

Or just blow a whistle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I haven’t heard back from them on my complaint. Surprise, surprise.

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