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How come dog and cat farts are not audible?

Asked by ava (982points) July 5th, 2009

Both my cat and dog fart…however I can never hear it…What’s the deal with that?

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No butt cheeks to vibrate. :)

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You can I only smell it

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No butt cheeks. Same reason they don’t need to wipe.

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I don’t think it’s the lack of cheeks.

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Because pets are modest and polite and sometimes self-conscious about flatulence?

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I’ve heard dogs fart, but then again being a veterinarian I’ve probably seen more dogs than most people. I’ve never heard a cat fart though, unless it was right after s/he was given an enema. Cats are sneaky like that though :-P

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lol@this question

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My Dalmatian gives an auditory warning.

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My boxer’s farts are loud and clear and they run her out of the room

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Our dog has audible farts, they are very quiet little squeaks. Not all the time, but if she is on your lap, and the house is quiet, you can hear them. The funniest thing is when she belches thru her Kong ball, it acts like a megaphone.

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My friend’s poodle use to stretch and fart every hour, on the hour, I’m not even kidding. He doesn’t do that anymore, though.

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I can hear my dog fart when he jumps to look out the window.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra lurve for kong ball megaphone.

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My dog squeaks when he lets go, like a tiny beep.

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Because they don’t have ass cheeks!

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Our dog, a Manchester Terrier, farts with an audible pffft.

If we’re really unlucky, it’s with a pfffffffffffffft.

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Look at this way. Some people are silent but deadly sneak farters too. Our car used to fill with this awful smell. My Mom would say “Burt!” If you looked at him you would see this time chesire cat smile, and then he would say, “What?” innocently.

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WTH is a Kong Ball?

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@SeventhSense Its usually red, shaped kind of like a bee hive, hollow in the middle. It’s used to put treats or pnut butter in for the dog to occupy herself. It’s made of a very strong rubber that is hard to tear up.

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I’ve heard a cat fart. Went more like “poof” than “prrrrrt” though. He was 16 or so and belonged to my ex gf. Quite a character overall, an ego bigger than a heavy-metal guitarist. Died a couple of years ago, to the relief of my ex gf and everyone who ever wanted to visit her.

Not sure if cats fart, but he sure did. Even if all the other cats in the world can’t, he could. Probably invented it just to piss off humans. He could outstare any dog, let alone humans, and is probably terrorising the hellhounds on the banks of the river Styxx as we speak.

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Our dog Boudreaux farts often, sometimes silently, but sometimes with a loud rrrrrriiiiiiiippppp sound as his anus vibrates. His burps are always audible, however.

Our dog Scarlett always farts silently but she snores, grunts and emits an eerie hum when she sleeps. I have never heard her burp.

Our dog Abigail used to produce truly evil and incredibly loud farts, particularly when she would lie at my father’s feet after dinner, with her butt facing him. She would always leap to her feet and whip around to see who did that. She often ended up staring accusingly at my father, whose face was slowly turning green from the intensity of the odor.

Our cat Mercy farts silently and only when his butt is directly in front of your nose.

Our cat Outdoor Kitty farts with a sound rather like a single purr. It always startles him so he leaps up and whirls around looking for the source of the noise.

It seems to depend on the individual animal and the back pressure involved.

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@SeventhSense this is the one we got for our dog, as she is a ‘power chewer’ She has destroyed every other rubber toy in minutes, and this one is going on three years with no damage whatsoever.

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@Darwin I had a golden retriever who belched at the most odd times. Once we were having a formal dinner party and just at a point where all was quiet he let loose. While I do not care for bathroom humor it really was funny.

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Not only can you hear my dog’s farts, you can SEE THEM.

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@MrKnowItAll That’s bad…

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Uh, my dog farts pretty loud. Sometimes the cats make a little toot, but nothing too bad.

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Survival reasons. If a predator in the wild were to far aloud, its prey would be alerted and would scatter.

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My dog’s farts are both audible and stinky. They stink so bad, I honestly think it embarrasses him. He hangs his head and does his walk of shame to the doggy door!

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lol my dog farts while she runs around the house and it was soo smelly and i couldnt stop laughing

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Because animals are generally more polite than humans.

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They are the ninjas of the fart world.

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I often hear my dog fart and the funny thing is, when tere is a noise to gowith it she always looks around as if to say “what was that?”.

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this question has got alot of responses :p

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@mzdesigns Anytime you use the word fart in a question and answer site or in a blog, your responses will increase

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that applies to life as well lol

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My dog told me that he indeed does fart audibly, however, being the discreet mutt he is, finds the right place and time to do so far from the madding crowd.

My cat denies she ever farts.

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