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how would you run a country?

Asked by shockvalue (5800points) January 3rd, 2008

You have just been elected leader of a newly founded country. Describe how you will rule. Who will you appoint as your advisors and why? What will be their responsibilities?

be creative, the future is in your hands!

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Elections?!?!? There would be no elections. And of course the most fair and balanced news station, FOX, would be your only source of news. You dont like it? Right to the waterboarding chamber that KBR just built. HAHAHAHAHA

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Democratically. There wouldn’t be representatives; people would suggest laws, punishments, etc. and other people would vote for or against them.

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Proportional representation, one rep. per 10,000 citizens. Majority rule for every-day legislation, 2/3rds needed to amend the system of government. Clear separation of powers with requirements built-in to the constitution for excesses and abuses to be investigated by disinterested parties. Decision making based on the best science available, not on religion/myth or the whims of big money donors. Public financing of elections so there is no buying of candidates’ loyalty. That’s a start, anyway.

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I think if we OBEY the Constitution, it would be run fine. Our elected officials take one oath and one oath only. To obey and protect it. We should at least be taking the people that dont, out of office without question. Take away freedom, gone. Simple as that.

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Are you implying I don’t run this one already? Mwahh hah hah.

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I would get a really good pair of running shoes.

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bill clinton

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I’d follow the example of Dictator for Life, Calvin.

Great leader.

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Even though it definitely has its flaws, I’ve always been partial to the utopian anarchist system Ursula LeGuin describes in The Dispossessed. But for that to work I think you need a desolate planet where people are forced to work together in order to survive…so never mind.

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what do you mean never mind? it’s your world! no idea is stupid, and any scenario you can concoct can be implemented. i think it’s a great idea. And heck, with how our planet is going now, it might not be a bad idea to kick start this life style now. Because whether we like it or not, that’s eventually where we’re all headed.

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You do not want me running a country. I accept I’m not made for it, woohee.

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