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Are you reluctant to find somebody because of the economy?

Asked by Master (1358points) July 5th, 2009

I tell myself this is the reason I’m alone. Of course I could be lying to myself, so I wonder if anyone else out there is holding out because being currently unemployed they don’t feel can afford to date anyone.

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I think it would certainly make it difficult to be quite social but in many ways I think people have gotten closer because of the economy, they’ve gotten in touch with what’s more important than expensive dates…Alex and I keep talking about this incredible baby boom that recessions/depressions cause…it’s as if people wake up and start investing in people again and not in bank accounts…so please don’t hold out – the love of your life may be easier to find now when everyone’s financially affected

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Kinda. I have a ladyfriend but it leans towards friends with benifits.

But it is hard when people ask you what you do and you say “unemployed.” I’m unemployed too

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One of my best friends is doing this. He doesn’t have a job and feels like he can’t meet a girl and take her out until he’s employed. Stop! You probably want to date someone understanding enough to know that the economy blows and you might not be able to take her out to awesome meals, but you can certainly catch a movie at home, make a meal together, “kill some mens” (how we say play video games) or whatever else. It’s not a good enough excuse! Go to a free event! Get out there! Meet her!

Or him. This is not a message for straights or men only.

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In this economy, if they owed me money, I would find them.

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I seem to work, work and work and am so exhausted half the time I feel like it’s such a bother. I love the casual thing if it could actually work for me. One of usually gets too attached, wants more time, less time etc. I’m not good in or out of relationship.
I’m kind of in relationship Purgatory right now.

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I learned the hard way to keep unemployed people at arm’s length. If you’re not careful, you become the financial support way too quickly, and it’s very difficult to get yourself out of that situation.

This is not a reason to avoid going out and meeting people, but it is a reason for people to not go beyond basic friendliness with you.

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In a way. I’m currently separated, and I’m paying two mortgages, two car payments, and rent on my apartment. I get some rental income, but things are really tight since my pay has been significantly cut (15%). My wife is dating, but I can’t really offer a future to anyone right now, so I don’t think it would be fair to them for me to start dating. If not for the economy, my marital situation could be finished up, and I could offer a better package to a potential future ex-Mrs Ru2bz46.

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A potential future ex..ha…

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The problem is that we at least want to start out with an even playing field.
As cute and sweet as you might be. No one at first wants to tout the load.
It is easier for women to not have a job but get a man. If a man is low on cash,
he better be one amazing stud.

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Yes. Not just the economy but personal responsibilities I’ve taken on have me on a pretty tight rope and not much of a presentation to a future ex-Mr. Hx3.

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