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Would you buy land on the moon?

Asked by quasi (782points) July 5th, 2009

Ever wonder why the moon hasn’t been turned into private property yet? Moon-ads?

Here are some links to get the party started:

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note.. i know the google thing is fake. just an idea to think about in horror.

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nah, not much scenery, and the temperature is either really hot or really cold, so I’d just stay here.

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nah @applesaucemanny moon bubbles man.

plus, we can invent scenery, just think of las vegas.

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@quasi then why just not have a “bubble” here on earth?

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No people have already been there so no. And and it’s a bland place

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@applesaucemanny Well, I think they were going to do that in Texas. But, for now, there appears to be an atmosphere on earth that is suitable to human life.

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i would only disturb the aliens that live in the base on the back side of the moon.
and they have disruptors.

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Not to direct the convo too much, but my question was more to address the concept of property. We have managed to create property out of most tangible and intangible things, why not the moon?

I’m not really suggesting we live there.

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I don’t think anyone should have the right to purchase land on the moon [as I may or may not have my top secret evil lair there].

evelyns_pet_zebra's avatar

I already own the moon, I paid the little green inhabitants about $15 dollars worth of scrapbooking supplies for it. The next ship that lands there will be trespassing on my turf.

The_Compassionate_Heretic's avatar

I’m not buying land there until I have a reliable way to get there and back.

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If I can see it from Alaska, why not?

ABoyNamedBoobs03's avatar

totally, how fun would a pogo stick or a trampoline be up there??!?!?!?!

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Now your talkin’ @SarahPalin

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@ABoyNamedBoobs03 Not fun at all. Jump too high and you might escape the Moon’s gravitational pull, leaving you helplessly floating off into nothingness.

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I feel this conversation ‘helplessly floating off into nothingness’

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Why settle for just lunar property when you could shoot for Mars?

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I’m going out on a limb here and guessing that the real estate market for leasing/selling plots of land on the moon probably isn’t so hot at the present time. I’m going to pass on this for right now until we colonize the good parts of the moon. Are there any good parts? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller??

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I would buy land on the moon, and when the supposed or maybe not supposed green house effect really takes place and we become like the characters in water world….. THEN MUHAHAHA… you will come begging for a little plot of my sweet moon!

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@AstroChuck what if we ‘cause global warming on Mars? do you think it’ll be better?

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i think mars would require global warming to be inhabitable.

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@Elerie Creepy dude, creepy
<shakes head back and forth>
I’ll start the green house effect!

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@quasi yes, that’s what I’m getting at

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sorry, just realized that was what you meant.

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@Elerie Hmph.

Little do you know, I’ve been drinking my urine for the past seven years in preparation of such an event. Joke’s on you.

applesaucemanny's avatar

@quasi it’s okay, I didn’t really make it that clear anyways :)

Elerie's avatar

sorry, i might have a few of Dr. Evil’s tendencies. Puts little finger near corner of her mouth, smile’s like the cheshire cat and winks

Elerie's avatar

@Grisaille hmmmm.
You drink your own urine? hmmm. You’ve won the battle but my webbed feet and the ability to swim under water will win the war. Cancel the trying to buy the moon. I’m staying put! I’ll make my money here! MUHAHAHAHAHA!

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@Elerie Ahem, the penguin is already taken!! Find some other sea animal

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I have a deed to land on the moon that I got out of a cereal box in the early 1950’s.

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Why in the world would anyone do that? It’s like asking me to buy land in Death Valley.

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Have you considered selling that on ebay?

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The moon is old news , everyone wants to live deep in the back woods of Uranus .

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Giant steps are what you take, walking on the moon.

I hope my leg don’t break, walking on the moon!

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I think owing the sun is a far better deal. I’m planning to charge a usage fee for every solar cell in operation once they go into full scale operation.
Don’t bother looking for a real estate agent. I own it already. My ancestors bought it from some guy in Egypt named Re Horakhty. I’ll look around for the deed later.

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@Lupin Uh-uh… My ancestor Amun-Ra won it from your ancestor in a crocodile duel. Everything has been transferred to my family. It’s in one of our Swiss bank vaults.

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@Saturated_Brain I heard about that duel. Later testing proved the your croc was taking performance enhancing drugs so the match was invalidated. You have a copy in that vault.

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You can’t buy anything really, it’s all God’s , we’re just privlidged to use it as good stewards.

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@seVen That’s the funniest thing i have heard all day .

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Let’s say you could buy land on the moon. That would be a very long term investment.
But, one day, your great, great, great, grand children just might strike it rich. Owning land, that by the time mankind starts moving there, would be quite valuable.

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Yeah, i’d buy land on the moon so i could have some were to releave myself before i go to a planet or some other far region of space.

i’m not funny

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@quasi—I check e-bay and other collectables listings every once in awhile, but it will be more valuable to my great-grandkids than it is now.

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For those who answered “yes,” contact me to complete the transaction.

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I’d definitely buy land on the moon if it was a beach front property.

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Already done, I’ve bought a large tract in the center of the moons near side. A very large billboard visible from earth is being constucted as we speak.

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I would rather “buy” a star

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No, I won’t even buy property in Mexico.

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Near as I can tell, the Moon falls under the jurisdiction of the U.N. and they prevent national claims. You may be able to approach them as an individual to buy a plot.

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