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In conversation Friday someone told me that Texas was thinking of seceding from the union?

Asked by evelyns_pet_zebra (12923points) July 5th, 2009

and that Texas had it in their constitution that they could be considered a country and would secede from the union if they thought the rest of us were getting to be too much of a pain in their ass. Does anyone from Texas know about this? When can we expect to redraw the maps, and start changing the flag? I don’t think losing Texas would be so bad, and I was thinking we probably should give it back to Mexico anyway, since we originally stole it from them. We can even help by donating the rebar and the concrete to help build the wall, if you Texans would accept out charity. Any truth to this rumor?

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I think the texas governor brought this up around the time of the tea parties. He sounds like a winner.

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I remember hearing about this a while back. Apparently the Governor opened his flapper about seceding and it started to spin wildly out of control.

From what I hear, Texas’ seceding union rivals that of Alaska’s. Regardless, it wouldn’t matter – doing so is economic and political suicide. Worse yet (as you pointed out), it’d be a matter of time before Mexico overtakes them.

Gimme a moment and I’ll find you a link.

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Funkdaddy had a good answer when a similar question was asked here.

No. It’s not serious.

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Here you go.

As I said, there is a bit of validity to the rumor, but – as usual – media coverage and word of mouth tends to blow these things out of proportion.

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And yes I am linking to Fox News. Part of me just died.

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@johnpowell: Good, or else we would’ve killed it.

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That was the weak part. Now you are stronger.
Also the good thing about a secession is that the danger of a texan US president vanishes.

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OMIF! my question made @johnpowell link to Faux News, what have I done?

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@evelyns_pet_zebra You made @johnpowell link to Faux News.

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@johnpowell so now what do I do, how can we fix what is obviously broken in you?

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@johnpowell Evelyn is on her way to give you a cuddle on her many breasts, so when a 300 foot tall woman knocks on your door, try not to be alarmed.

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There have been Texans talking about seceding from the US since the day after Texas joined the US. I’m not convinced it would be a terrible thing, so let them flap their gums.

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I am for a wall between Texas and Oklahoma.

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@johnpowell Using multiple news sources means you have an open mind. Part of you didn’t die. I would have been dead long ago if that were true.

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@ragingloli that danger should have been averted 9 years ago!~

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Texas can’t just decide not to be in the country without serious ramifications. If the country dissolved, Texas would likely do their own thing but it’s not like Obama is going to make a vote to which Texas will respond by seceding. That would be incredibly short sighted and irresponsible.

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But really, who would miss them anyway?

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I don’t like TexASS. And I lived there for about 5 years!! Yuck. I just moved from there a few months ago and I don’t remember ever hearing about it being a serious issue.

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Well, that’s nice. They obviously don’t have any real pressing issues for their legislature to address in Texas?

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I live in Texas (unfortunate me), and I think it would be great if Texas and Alaska seceded together and formed the new nation of Texasska. Sarah Palin could be president and Rick Perry could be her VP. All the crazy survivalists, hunters, ultraconservatives, Obama haters, fundamentalists, racists, etc. could move there and have a hey (hate) day. Then the rest of us could live in peace.

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@suzyq2463 OH god… I would take anyone other that Palin, who lest we forget, can see Russia from her house.

As to the question, i remember hearing this awhile ago. Interesting on paper. Horribly if practiced kinda thing. Mexico would be in there quicker than a hobo on a ham sangwich.

@jonsblond but really? Fox news? they think any thing is news worthy if you put dramatic music in front of it! Dun buh ba bu ba baaa…. “This just in! President Obama woke up from his nap and is not in a comatose state like we all thought! Vice President Biden Relieved.”

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The Texas Constitution does not allow it to secede from the Union. It allows Texas to stop being a state, then break up into as many as 4 smaller territories, and those four areas then become states. That area will always be Texas part of the USA.
Unless they give us another president like we just had. If that happens, I say we sell’em to Mexico.

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PLEASE don’t assume that all Texans are stupid rednecks who want to be part of their own redneck inbred country. It’s just not the case. We are very diverse. It’s just that the gays, lesbians, liberals, free-thinkers, hippies, and single mothers have to stay underground. Otherwise, we may be running for our lives.
Not really. It’s not that bad here. There are lots of idiots, sure. There are also a lot of really amazing people who just happened to get stuck here, or (as in my case) their family is here.
I have been voting for the correct candidates all along but there are too many white rich entitled Presbyterians here. They tip the scales.
Just please try to remember, folks, we’re not all bad.

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Look, just because Rick Perry has more hair than brains doesn’t mean most other Texans agree with him. Yes, Texas has the “right” to secede, but that doesn’t mean most Texans aren’t quite aware that we get a huge amount of support from being part of the Union.

And BTW @Shegrin : If you are having all those problems being aligned with the gays, lesbians, liberals, free-thinkers, hippies, and single mothers, move to Austin. You’ll be fine as long as you stay in Travis County. Just don’t go north into Williamson County. And actually, the problem really seems to be the Episcopalians and some of the Baptists, not the Presbyterians.

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Yeah, the Presbyterians aren’t the problem (except in Highland Park).

Next time a Texan talks of seceding, remind them that they don’t have a state income tax and that they’d have to pay a lot more if they lost US funding.

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it’s more likely that Scotland will secede from the British Union

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Ok. I guess I know to answer in specific terms from now on. A thousand pardons.

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Say what? All I meant was if you are liberal, then move to Austin. Williamson County is Bush country still.

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I’m from Texas. Texas (and one other state that I can’t think of right now) is both a republic and a state. Because of their status as a Republic, they are permitted to fly their flag at the same height as the U.S. flag. They voluntarily joined the United States as an independent nation, and gave up their nation-hood in that process. Like all states, Texas does have the right to secede from the union if the government engages in tyranny. They also do have specific rules spelled out for that process. One person shooting off at the mouth does not constitute the state’s desire to secede.

I think the idea that Texas is thinking of seceding is a bit ridiculous. First, I’m not sure how a state can be “thinking” about something without this being publicly debated on the floor of their senate. A state is an entity incapable of independent thought. To say there is an idiot or two bantering about seceding is much more believable, and happens a lot.

I also think it would be catastrophic for the United States. If you are at all aware of Texas’ role in this country, you know that they host a vast number of businesses and industries, natural resources, technological and scientific think-tanks, etc. that generate a mass amount of income and innovation for this country. Texas has many of the wealthiest people in this nation as it’s citizens, in addition to having one of the highest populations in the country, which means that a great deal of the tax revenue that makes its way to Washington DC is from Texas.

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@juwhite1 – California is another state that was a republic (but not for very long), as was Vermont, and Hawaii was a monarchy. Their periods of independence were:

Vermont 1777 -1791
Texas 1836 -1845
California 06/14/1846 -07/09/1846
Hawaii 1810–1898

Also, Massachusetts and Virginia are Commonwealths, not states.

And since it was apparently Governor Goodhair who brought it up this time around, you are quite correct that there is an idiot bantering about it.

I live in Texas, too.

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@Darwin – I was referring to currently having dual status as both a republic and a state.

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Actually, the flag height business is untrue.

Wikipedia’s version

“It is a common urban legend that the Texas flag is the only state flag that is allowed to fly at the same height as the U.S. flag. Allegedly, Texas has this right inherently (as a former independent nation) or because it negotiated special provisions when it joined the Union (this version has been stated as fact on a PBS website[10]). However, the legend is false. Neither the Joint Resolution for Annexing Texas to the United States nor the Ordinance of Annexation[11] contain any provisions regarding flags. According to the United States Flag Code, any state flag can be flown at the same height as the U.S. flag; the U.S. flag should be on its right (the viewer’s left), however. Consistent with the U.S. Flag Code, the Texas Flag Code specifies that the state flag should either be flown below the U.S. flag if on the same pole or at the same height as the U.S. flag if on separate poles.[3]”

And the Snopes version.

In addition, all 50 US states function as republics, and all 50 states are voluntary members of the federal republic that is the United States. Texas is not special in that regard. It is not both a state and a republic in any way different than any other state. However, Texas did not have to change its flag, its seal, or the way it ran its business, except to replace the word republic with the word state. The folks running things in the republic all transferred over to run the same things in the state.

Nonetheless, I am proud to be a Texan and consider it to be a special place.

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—I lived in Texas for 8 years. I have a special fondness for the Texas Hill Country, and would move back if the opportunity presented itself.

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Texas was actually it’s own republic back after the territory was taken from the Spanish. After nine years of struggling, they made an agreement with th US that if they joined that they could fly the state flag higher than the US flag because even though Texas can’t survive without the US, the US cannot survive without Texas. This is the only state which has this privilage. :D my family is from Texas and even though it can’t break from the union it does deserve to be it’s own country. I’ve never known another state or counry to have so much pride in itself. God blessed Texas!

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@JustLeDouxIt – Actually, if you read my previous post, the flag business is untrue. What Texas actually got was the right to keep all the officials in the equivalent state jobs when they gave up being a republic.

I live in Texas also, and come from a long line of Texans.

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negative. it won’t happen. i doubt it.

it’s possible though.

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The Nebraska legislature tried to make it a law that pi = 3. Just because someone has an idea, it doesn’t mean it is a good one, or even that it’s feasible. Just because some morons in Texas think they have a right to secede has no force in law. And how’s their armed forces looking? Someone tried to secede, already didn’t they? What’d they call that? Oh, yeah, the Civil War. That seem like a good idea to anyone now?

If I’ve overstepped in linking Texans to morons, I apologize to any morons who may have been offended.

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@6rant6, I think you’d be surprised at just how armed and ready the state of Texas is, which is why I am moving out of Texas. Also, technically, there are non-native people who had to move here with their parents when they were little and didn’t have any say in where they were moving. I grew up in Texas, but I am not a moron. You need to be less general in your offences.

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@Shegrin I suppose that’s the way it works. Cream rises to the top and the smarter ones move out of state. And the gene pool of Texas takes another hit.

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Could I possibly annoy someone here by saying I absolutely love Fox news? And I also love Texas.

I think a more interesting proposal than secession is something I read recently, allegedly written by a young law student, suggesting that the US just get a divorce, the liberals from the conservatives. We should be able to fit all the liberals into Rhode Island, let them have the things they love and the rest of will live happily every after.

If I can find it, I’ll post it.

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And put fences, guard towers, minefields and vicious dogs around it, and hire German guards with red armbands with swastikas.
What you are proposing is a concentration camp for people who disagree with you.
Such a position is not only annoying, it is offensive to any decent human being and it is offensive that you can sit there and say that it is actually a good idea.

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