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What is the proper etiquette when it comes to screen doors?

Asked by TitsMcGhee (8276points) July 6th, 2009

When knocking on the door of someone who has a screen door, what is the proper etiquette? Is it correct to open it to knock or not, and is it rude to hold the screen door open until the interior door is answered or should one close it and let the host open it? Is there a rule for this?

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Knock on the door door, but wait outside the screen door.

Unless it’s a friend, then wait until they open the door and let the screen hit their face, and yell, “SURPRISE! THANKS FOR FORGETTING MY BIRTHDAY!” Ha! Thwap!

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Pff, waiting at the door. Climb in through the window and start going through their refrigerator.

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the doorbell should be outside the screen door. if there is no doorbell, knock on the frame of the screen door. if this isn’t possible, open the screen door and knock, then shut the screen door and wait

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@Icky Knock on the screen door? I’ve always found that to be annoying, both from the inside and outside.

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If it’s the home of a stranger or a new acquaintance, and they do not have a doorbell, I usually open the screen door just enough to knock on the interior door and then close the screen door again, and wait. In my experience, knocking on the screen door just doesn’t produce enough interior noise to summon anybody. If it’s a close friend, I will stand inside the screen door after knocking. If it’s family and they are expecting me, I will just try the doorknob, barge in and shout hello, because it’s hot out here and this casserole I’m carrying contains dairy.

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If there is a doorbell, you use the doorbell.

If there is no doorbell, and the interior door is closed, you open the screen door, knock on the interior door, and close the screen door until you’re answered.

If there is no doorbell and the interior door is open, you knock lightly on the frame of the screen door, without opening it.

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@MrItty Agreed.
But you must be careful not to the let the person in the house know you’ve opened the screen door or you owe them the courtesy of pancakes. IF the summer, Blueberry. If the winter, Chocolate chip. Spring, Buttermilk and Fall Apple. If they are allergic to any, then they may pass in the pancake tradition. No Substitutions shall be allowed.

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@Kiev749, It would be an insult to offer blueberry pancakes in the summer without first offering peaches. Comon, everyone knows the peach over blueberry etiquette procedures.

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@Kiev749 If the homeowner then invites you to a game of Fizzbin, all previous offers of pastries and similar dessert entrees are rendered null and void.

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If you come to my house you had better close the storm door before I open the main door or my dogs will assume you are up to no good and attempt to attack you. However, if I open the storm door and ask you to come in they figure all is well and drool on you instead.

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If you were coming to my house I would expect them to just ring the door bell or knock, some people feel that it’s a little intrusive to hold a door open until it is answered. If the screen door is the only one closed I would just wait until the person came up or told me to just come in. My friends know they can just walk in…but they also let me know when they are headed over

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Open the screen door just enough to knock on the main door. Close the screen door and just wait until they answer. They’ll probably hear you better anyway.

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