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When do breasts stop growing?

Asked by mary2 (82points) January 3rd, 2008

I’m 14 and my breasts are still pretty small (32-A). Will they get any bigger?

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Is it humble opinion that you should maybe ask a parent or older sibling. You shouldn’t be looking on the internet for these types of questions.

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But ya, they’ll probably grow more unless you don’t eat enough. They’re sort of like other parts of your body, shrinking and growing as you eat or use energy, but everyone’s different.

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I don’t feel comfortable asking my mother a question like this.

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A lot depends on genetics (are your mother, sister(s), grandmothers, aunts, blood female cousins big-breasted? Slender or medium-build or well-proportioned? Does the female side of your family tend towards late-blooming? Or early puberty? Perhaps there is a school nurse or local clinic where you could ask some questions. And you are a lot more than the girls…whatever size they are.

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Breasts continue growing 3 or 4 years after puberty starts.

You’ll know your final breast size by age 17 or 18.

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Not final. Pregnancy can change breast sizes, either temporarily or permanently, as can weight change. And certain exercises can’t increase the adipose tissue but will bulk up the muscle superstructure. At 17 I was a 34 A; 54 years and two children later, I wear a 38 C.

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it depends on ur mom and her mom but from wen u start puberty till u end but being pregnate can change them

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Your breasts consist of mammary glands and fatty tissue. Every woman has the same capacity where mammary glands are concerned. These only activate in pregnancy. The fatty tissue you develop is primarily dependent on genetics and secondarily on environmental factors, such as diet, exercise, pregnancy, disease, weight gain or loss. If your breasts have already begun developing, you will certainly reach your maturity by the time you are 18yo. You might look for pictures of your mother and your aunts as teens and young adults, both mom’s sisters and your dad’s sisters, too. If you become pregnant, especially if you carry to term, you can expect an after pregnancy increase of up to two cup sizes, although this is not a guarantee. I once knew a woman who was as flat as a boy. She had had two children and had presumably breast fed both of them, yet remained so flat I couldn’t perceive anything under her garments, not even nipples.

If you are concerned that breast size will affect intercourse, it won’t. While it may affect how males perceive you as a potential partner, a decent, worthwhile male will value you for your personality and your inate qualities and not for the size of your hooters. Believe me, having big breasts is not more advantageous over smaller breasts. Aside for the chronic back pain they tend to cause, the dowager’s humped back, and a profile like a quarterback, large breasts just give rough partners a bigger handle to squeeze. And, for all you males out there, squeezing or twisting a woman’s breasts is only slightly less painful that getting kicked in the nuts.

Btw, ladies, if you need to discourage them, you don’t have to kick them. A flink of your fingertips is sufficient to bring them to their knees.

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AND, small breasts are just as sensitive and erogenous as the big mamas. It’s the nips and the nerves that matter. AND as gcross noted, the delicate touch works best – no matter what size one is living or dealing w.

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Ahem. At the risk of being inappropriate, and by no means asserting any expertise in this area whatsoever, and being really nervous about saying this, and by no means asserting this has anything to do with anyone I know personally, but just as a general observation based upon the wide variety of people who are out there, but I don’t believe every woman necessarily always has a negative view of certain degrees of pain. Not that I would personally have any way of knowing, but there are a lot of different boats floating in different oceans, to mix my metaphors. And I can’t think of any more specific way to discuss this here.

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Blushing furiously, and I don’t know why.

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Yes, we have wandered from Mary2’s question into murkier waters, I agree. Maybe the question that is buried in Hoss’s careful obfuscation can be posed separately (by him, of course, I wouldn’t touch it with a whalebone corset, speaking of pain, which we weren’t…or were we?)

And it is true that I broke my rule about avoiding sweeping generalities. I can only speak for one pair of breast, a pair that I know intimately. The rest is *S*moke and *M*irrors.

In the 9th grade, we read THE HIGHWAYMAN, a poem by Alfred Noyes. It mentions the word “breast.” At my 45th reunion decades later the men still talked about how embarrassed they were at having to hear and – gasp -say the word out loud.

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Wow. School has changed. You don’t even want to know some of the things some of my students have said.

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im 14 and young still but omg i have the same problem. i dont know when they are gunna grow and i get difference respones every time i ask.. food,excersizes will help, or just wait,
i cant wait guyss! lol i have to get like a boob job now. my parents will let me ..
but i dont know if its bad for meee.

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@vondutchhoe please don’t get breast augmentation surgery. At your young age, your breasts still have plenty of time to grow naturally. Large breasts also have a few down sides, including unwanted attention and back problems, not to mention the dangers of the surgery and implants. Here’s a secret for you: men prefer the look and feel of natural breasts over fake ones.

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I second, third and fourth colog’s plea. And a corellary; your own breasts will have much more sensation (really really important) than surgically-enhanced ones. Plus, if you ever want to nurse babies (one of the greatest experiences of MY life) you want your own tissue and milk ducts w/o any artificial materials – saline or silicone both make me shudder – impeding the process.

Nature will do its thing – stay healthy for the entire you – eat well, exercise, learn how to reduce stress, don’t compare yourself to other girls. Everyone is different. And some boys (and adult men) are really silly about breast sizes.

But I do remember – being 14 can be difficult. But – ah youth – I miss it.

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Some women also find after augmentation surgery that, ahem, their new enhanced parts ALWAYS look like its very cold in the room, which can make it difficult to wear certain garments without being a bit more, say, prominent and attention-getting than they wish.

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Another male vote for no breast implants. Breasts are great, but it’s not the size that matters (to everyone, or I bet, most guys, anyway).

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gail is right (IMHO, at least) that some men can be ridiculous about breast size, and I agree with colog that feel is more important that size. I’ve always referred to it as . Nope. Forgot there was a teenager here. Sorry.

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I certainly wouldn’t worry about breast growth at 14.

I’m 22, and in the past year and a half (meaning, after the age of 20), I’ve both grown an inch in height AND a half size in breasts. Everyone’s body is different, and while on average most women sexually grow and mature from 14–20, those ARE averages. Who knows – you could fall outside of the average.

At 14 I didn’t have a breast size. At age 9 my friend had a 34B. Enjoy your youth now and leave plastic surgery, makeup, and breast augmentation for later in life if you still feel unsatisfied with your body then. No one’s happy with how they look or feel in their teens.

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Mary, don’t worry. I wondered the same thing, it’s like they come in stages. One day when I was like 13 they just appeared. And they stayed exactly like that for…a long time, and I was like, well theyre not growing anymore…is this my size? and then like 3 years later i noticed that i did not fit into my bra the same way i used to. i feel like i stopped growing (up and out) around my junior year of high school.

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omg, i have been the same size since i was in 7th grade my breasts are pretty much flat and iam 18 years old now and they havent grown like at all! and that kinda scares me…are they ever gonna grow? or wat can i do to get them to start, it frustrates me haha does anyone know any info on this?

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they will grow. just be patient. Like the other’s said, you can do excercise, but really, all that will do is bulk up the muscle under the breast fat tissue which will result in perkier breasts and not necessarily “bigger” breasts. I wore the same darn size, 34B all the way up till I was 20. NOw that I’m 25 I noticed that I wear a 34C. This is good becuase my weight has stayed consistent (I’m 5’8, 140 llbs since 20yrs old). So they will grow, but it depends on your genetics and time! be patient ladies!!!

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at least you still have time. im 18 and i started puberty at 13 so im stuck with the BARELY a cup that i have, and i have no hope of growing till im preggo(ick!)
i might start saving for implants. its not that i want to impress guys or anything stupid. i just feel slighted. boobs are part of being a woman and i have nothing =[

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Ugh, I’m 15 years old…I get told I have a nice body but all I need are boobs. Guys comments don’t bother me, but they do somewhat affect me at times. I’m a sensitive lass. I constantly feel inferior to those around me.. but yet here I am flat ..a cup size A34. Idk when they’re going to grow, all my friends have big boobs, why is that? I stand at the height of 5’3 I weigh 110 lbs.. my families genetics are “big boobs” are mine going to grow?

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when i was 14 i didnt even need a bra (32AA) but when i was 15 they started geting bigger which i didnt notice untill i didnt fit in any of my bras and since then they havnt stoped growing i’m now 16 so a year and a half later im 32C and still growing my sister on the other hand didnt start geting boobs untill she was 18 and now shes 25 and is 38E! so you just need to be patient x

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I’m 15 and i still have a A cup or depending on the bra 34 B but I have really small boobs and I have also been bothered by the thought that I had smaller boobs than an average girl….im turning 16 in less than a month and at this time I just started not thinking about it and they grew a lot in just a few months so I still have small but they will grow eventually….the thing is I have been really really skinny growing up and now that im not growing as much and my body is getting more curvy.At 14 you still have a lot of time so don’t think about it and before you start worrying about it again
you will notice your boobs ``popping out´´ of the bra

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