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Why do I get UTI's?

Asked by camille1350 (1points) July 6th, 2009

hurts to pee

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Are you dehydrated?
Do you hold your urine, instead of peeing when the urge strikes?
Do you frequently take long baths?
Could it be cystitis? (sometimes caused by frequent sex)

There are a plethora of resources on google that might give you some clues also. Start Here

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Have you been treated by a doctor?

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Are you having sex? If so, try peeing every time after sex. Also, if your partner is uncircumsized I know that makes you more likely to get them… Dirty hands, dirty foreplay? I’d go talk to your gyno.

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Some people can get chronic UTIs for a number of reasons including their pyhsical structure.

The pain is horrible, no question.

Have you done the preventive things that help? Are you taking cranberry, for example?

Take a look at these articles.

” Diet

As part of any healthy diet, you should drink six to eight glasses of water a day and minimize your intake of alcohol and caffeine. If you do drink alcohol or caffeinated drinks, try to counteract their effects by drinking plenty of water.

Some of the dietary changes that relieve the pain of UTI may also help prevent them. Try to cut back your intake of refined starches and sugars, vegetable fats, onions, beans, and chocolate. ”


“There are a number of cranberry containing products on the market, and it is often left in the hands of the consumer to decide which is best. In number of clinical studies presented by Jepson RG et al (2003), a test of cranberry juice verses cranberry tablets showed them both to be equally effective in preventing UTI’s. However, a study presented by Raz et al (2004) shows that in a randomized double-blind study, the rate of recurrence in UTI over a 12-month span was 20% in the cranberry juice group and 18% in the tablet group. Unfortunately, no creditable studies were located to compare the effects of cranberry cocktail to that of juice and or tablets. Nevertheless, it appears that products containing cranberries are effective in preventing UTIs.”


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