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Is there really any remedy for morning (all day) sickness?

Asked by ubersiren (15180points) July 6th, 2009

If this time is going to be like last time, nothing short of death will work. Someone, please help me. It’s starting again. **cries** I don’t want to barf in the shower anymore :( I refuse to believe we put a man on the moon 40 years ago, yet have never stumbled upon something to help pregnant pukers.

I’ve tried eating crackers before moving in bed. I’ve tried ginger tea. I’ve tried eating separately from drinking. What to do. What to do…

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Peppermint tea , anything with ginger in helps .

Edit hard ginger biscuits and eating root ginger is what helps in this house

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I feel for you as my wife had “all day” sickness when she waspregnant with our 3 kids. She tried everything. Ginger, crackers, wrist bands, etc. Finally she was prescribed Phenergan and always helped take the edge off so she could get through most ofher day.

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My daughter lost 15 lbs the first 3 months of her pregnancy. She ended up in urgent care with IV fluids and finally got a prescription. (I don’t remember what they gave her.)
In her first pregnancy those sea sickness bands that you put on your wrists gave her some relief.

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I sympathize with you. I was morning sick from the momentu conceived until my water broke. The only thing that made me feel better was laying on the floor. I don’t have any idea why that worked for me, but it did. It would drive my husband nuts as he couldn’t stand to see his pregnant wife laying on the floor.

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@Judi The medicatio nwas probably Zofran, it works much better than Phenergan. (whenever I have to go to the hospital and get pain meds, always always ask for Zofran! Narcotics always make people puke and it stops you from having to throw up.

I’m so sorry @ubersiren. I’d try to get a prescription for Zofran, if the doctor will even see you. I know they make people wait during early pregnancy You are trying everything I would have suggested, especially ginger.

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seabands and/or acupuncture really helped me. A\

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All of a sudden I am glad I am a man and all I have to worry about is my prostate.

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@Judi: Last time I lost 10. It’s just starting now, and isn’t as bad, but I’m afraid it’s going to get bad. My doctor didn’t seem concerned (which turned out to be a trend with her) and wouldn’t allow me to take anything for it. I also had acid reflux so badly that I would wake up choking on acid every couple nights.

@sandystrachan: I’ll have to try actual ginger root. I’m afraid that will make my stomach acid worse, though. Maybe if I chase it with milk…

@Wander: Seabands… good idea! I never did the pressure point thing before.

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I haven’t been pregnant, but I just talked with a woman who was RAVING about the sea/acupressure wrist band. She had it on 24/7 for the first trimester and says it got rid of her horrible nausea completely.

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Ok, I’m really going to have to try these wrist bands.

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@ubersiren Milk will curdle in your stomach , and make your worse .

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Maybe nothing but time. I’m sorry, @ubersiren. My sister-in-law went through the same thing, and she also had tough deliveries. Some of us just don’t seem to be wired for comfort during pregnancy.

For the acid reflux, do put blocks under the head of your bed just to raise it up some. I hear that can help.

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Not that I have heard of. My Daughter In Law ended up in the hospital on IV’s for a week, because she was so dehydrated with the first one, and this latest one, she had to go in twice for two days.

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@Jeruba : Yeah, I sleep every night with 3 pillows propping me up now. It’s no picnic.

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Yes, throwing up.

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@ChazMaz : Obviously you’ve never had this. :) It’s never ending nausea. Throwing up is only a few minutes relief.

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OK, only speaking from what my GF said works for her. Sex was also something that alleviated the symptoms. Her request, not mine.

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Sex is usually the last thing on your mind when pregnant. And when you feel like throwing up every second of the day. Even being in a car is too much motion for me lol

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Agreed. That takes a special woman… to tolerate sex, let alone ask for sex when sick. You should hang on to her. Luckily mine has confined itself to the morning this time. So far. Knock on wood.

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@ubersiren If your health plan allows it, do not try to get through this by being stoic. Call you doctor as often as you need to for relief. You are not doing yourself or the baby any favors by being brave.

P. S. there have been remedies developed for this, but they have had terrible side effects, which have even reached into the third generation in some cases. If you want to read some real horror stories, (and I don’t recommend it) see the Thalidomide Tragedy and DES

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Thanks, @YARNLADY. Yeah, I’ll pass on reading the scary stuff for now!

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Ginger and sea bands are great suggestions – both have been shown in research studies to help some pregnant women. Some other suggestions:

If you’re taking prenatal vitamins, stop for now. They usually make nausea worse. The baby’s nutritional needs are minimal right now, and it’s better for both of you if you can keep down some food.

The key for most women is to keep a little something in your stomach all the time. Put a piece of dry toast or a few crackers on your bedside table, and nibble before you get out of bed. Keep a little food in your pockets and graze throughout the day. Most women feel the sickest when their stomach is the emptiest.

Separate your liquids from your solids when you do eat. And eat what sounds good to you rather than trying to eat the healthiest most balanced diet. Potato chips sometimes stay down better than a salad or tofu casserole. It’s OK for now.

Vitamin B-6, up to 150mg a day might help, especially if it’s combined with doxylamine (a sedating antihistamine marketed as Unisom, an OTC sleep aid) at bedtime.

Re: precription meds, Zofran is a fabulous drug for severe nausea and vomiting of pregnancy, but very spendy ($25–30 per pill!), and frequently requires prior authorization from your insurance company. Phenergan is a mild sedative and anti-nausea drug and works well for some women. Reglan is another good option. Reglan and Zofran are category B for safety during pregnancy, Phenergan is category C.

Hope this helps!

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My nausea and vomiting last my entire pregnancy and I was hospitalized pretty much the whole time- on phenergen and zofran every 2 hrs alternating. zofran isn’t as pricey anymore because it is now generic. i loved the zofran quick disolve tablets that melt in your mouth. zofran didn’t make me sleepy but phenergen did. i know reglan works well for alot of people but i am violently allergic to that entire family of drugs. i know exactly how you feel- it drove me nuts that I would throw-up and only felt better for a very brief amount of time. i ended up with a pic line in my upper arms- that is how i got my calories and nutrition since i couldn’t keep any food down. hang in there!

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You should really think twice about the Reglan, although the other options seem good. There are plenty of alternatives for heartburn, but Reglan recently has been linked closely to tardive dyskinesia and similar muscle disorders. They were recently forced by the FDA to put a black box warning on the drug. It’s not worth the help.

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hi recently remarried i have 2 children and i had terrible morning sickness well in fact 5am to 9pm with both pregnancies do you think that different genes due to different father may have any effect on and if i get morning sickness thanks

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