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He is creepy , but is he gay ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4407points) July 6th, 2009

I know of someone who pretends to be girls online , just so he can see guys wanking on camera . He says he is trying to catch pervs and paedos , yet he is the one who starts the sex talk .
He gets round the fact he is a guy by using camtasia and manycams to steal videos from sites like , these videos would be of girls doing things on cam , just so he can pretend to be the girl and watch guys of all ages . He traps them and he brings them on a wild goose chase even gets phone credits and other things from these people .

This is all he ever does it gets a little uncomfortable when he starts talking about such things , its pointless reporting to the websites cause he will just make new profiles .

If he sees someone online he will purposely go out his way to make a new profile , ” just so i can trap the sick paedo pervert”. < his words not mine .

So what would you do ?

( He only goes for guys and watches them over and over again , and is over joyed that he is getting guys to think he is a young girl and having them wank over her video.

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wow thats really strange… what is he trying to do about it? after he catches them what does he intend on doing?

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The thing is he isn’t really catching anyone , cause he starts the sex talk .
He claims his plan is to shame them , yet as to this date he has never ” shamed ” any of them .
I think he is a guy that doesn’t really know what a paedo or pervert is .

I think he does it for his own amusement, that or he is a closet homosexual and this is his only way to let it out . And not make people think he is gay , this i am not sure of .

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oh well then yes it does seem like he is doing it for personal amusement. i would begin to believe that he might be gay.

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Yes, he’s gay. From the sounds of it, quite the closet case. The guy has issues, like counseling needed issues.

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Shouldn’t such actions and behaviour be stopped tho , why is it everytime his profile gets reported nothing ever happens . And people worry about such things online yet it is happening on a daily basis , the guy is maybe in his 30’s and is pretending to be a girl so young guys 18— whatever plays and does things on webcam for him pretending to be a her .

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heh, this is a longshot but why don’t you call the guys from dateline who do the pedophile captures. even though what he’s doing is legal maybe they could help with an intervention.

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I’m not sure he’s gay. He sounds quite screwed up in the head, though.

There are quite a few actual gay guys who enjoy pretending to be women so that they can get straight guys to strip off on webcam for them. I really don’t understand it, but hey, as long as the straight guys are over 18 they’re legally responsible for their own bad judgment.

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I don’t think that’s “gay”, I think it’s “disturbed”.

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I’m with syz on this one. Whether he is gay or not makes no difference…. But he definately sounds disturbed.

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@lunabean Them guys from dateline , do they still operate ?

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I would say he is both gay and disturbed. He needs to find a boyfriend and counseling.

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Why does it even matter if he’s gay? If guys are wanking on camera and feel okay about letting random strangers view it, then whether it’s a man or a woman doesn’t matter. If the wankers are saying they are over 18, what is this guy doing wrong?

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hehe sorry I just had to laugh “wanking”

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I think HE is the perv!

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Ok is sexuality isn’t really on the cards , but he really likes watching the guys he is like a kid in a sweet shop.

It would be good for him to get a taste of his own medicine, or something….

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I’m curious about how you found this out. Did he just one day tell you “I’m not gay, but I sure like to pretend I’m a woman and see men wank! I’ll show them!”

Is there really anyone anymore who believes that hot young lady who is begging to see your junk for free is really a hot young lady?

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I would much rather have a friend who is gay than a friend like this. It is really sad that the “big shame” is weather or not he’s gay! Isn’t this the 21st Century?

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Also, I’m unclear about if your friend is pretending to be a young girl, or an underage girl?

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**Shudder** creep

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@sandystrachan i’m not sure, maybe they do, but just not on tv anymore. if not, i guess you can always get some of his other friends and family involved for a fun-filled intervention :D

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I know of his online antics cause he brags to me about them , he pretends to be a young girl aged over 18 ( this age i cannot be certain , as he may even hide that from me) .
Him maybe being gay is not an issue , its what and how he goes about getting his gollies that is the creepy part .

And his reasoning behind it i.e the part where he says its ok m cause he is catching perverts and paedos , when really he is being the creepy perverted man .

@NathanESP i SHUDDER everytime he tells me his new conquests .

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Well, he doesn’t know what a paedo is (if he is pretending to be over 18) and I’m afraid that as far as perverts go, he needs to remember that “it takes one to know one.”

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If he’s not pretending to be an underage girl, I don’t see much issue with his behavior other than his need to tell you about it.

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Surely you can find better people to hang out with?

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