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How do I find the upgrade again for Firefox?

Asked by gailcalled (54584points) July 6th, 2009

I got an automatic notice last night but had to turn the computer off. Now I can’t relocate it. I see that FF has 3.5 out and mine is 3.0.10. Is there a way to find the upgrade only?

Safari (Mac Leopard) is my primary browser and I can get the upgrades in System Prefence. Not so for FF, as far as I am concerned. Any ideas?

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go to the mozilla site…firefox is made by mozilla and they will have the link for it….

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Go to the Help menu in Firefox, the last selection should be “Check for updates”.

Conversely, as @tadpole said, go to the 3.5 download is there as well.

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that’s the direct link….don’t forget to click the other systems and languages link if you use a different os to the one selected…

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Thanks. I have just been reading complaints about 3.5 in the Moz. forum. Everyone (with PCs) says that it is really slow to start and making them very unhappy. What to do?

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I’ve had fewer crashes, myself, with Firefox. I’m running 3.5 on a Mac OS X Leopard, 10.5.7, with 4GB RAM. Running the prior version, I had a lot of crashes on video sites, but once the 3.5 Release Candidate became available, and i updated to it, fixed those. And the official release has proved to be problem-free for me thus far.

What are the problems they are describing? Oftentimes, I find, the complaints in some of those forums to be picky, or geared towards people who have very specific usage issues. Also, if it’s on a PC, that’s an entirely different world (as you, a Mac user, no doubt also know).

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yeah i agree if you’re running a mac…i am and have never had a problem with firefox….and isn’t the 3.5 release now official and not a beta…which should mean no problems all round…

you could try it and always revert back?

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I just managed the whole procedure, to my amazement, and it seems fine. Mostly, I have to deal with the anxiety and sweatiness issue when changing things here (10.5.7).

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thankfully, most upgrade issues on OS X are minimal. i’ve only ever had a few problems, and usually it was with my printer working properly when i upgraded the OS itself.

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@gailcalled was it worth it? Do you see differences??

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Only worth in terms of my ability to actually get thru the whole process. I still use Safari 4 as my primary.

Except for Bluetooth (whatever that is), when I get announcements for patches or little upgrades, I do it. Who knows? I have poked around in iPhoto and now that I finally bought a digital Point and Shoot, I may experiment more during the winter when I am snowed in for days on end.

I just signed up for Snow Leopard in Sept. ($29) and will be interested in whether I can install that or not. Maybe Milo can help.

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perhaps having your cat help isn’t the way to operate the computer.

Bluetooth is a wireless protocol. It’s how cellphones and those little earpieces talk to each other. You can also get wireless mice, keyboards and some other devices that use it to communicate with the computer. It’s not as fast or efficient, afaik, as WiFi. In other words, it’s not for big file transfers.

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where is the cat in all this?

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Right now he is sitting on the external hard drive, sharp corners and all, because he likes the heat. His opinion is the more mice, the better. MIlo feels that wired mice are more fun to chase than the sluggish ones.

Re: Firefox 3, it seems no different than Safari 4. I just have to retype all my passwords, most of which I have forgotten.

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with firefox loaded

click help

click check for updates

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@BBQsomeCows: Thank you but this was asked and answered over three months ago.

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