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What is a good brand of jeans for someone with big hips?

Asked by occ (4083points) December 8th, 2006
Gap used to make jeans with "stretch" in them but they're not selling them anymore. I need jeans that look nice enough to wear to work, but are not designer (read: no $100 jeans for me). Also, none of that horrible new "skinny" cut or ultra-ultra-low waist--I need bootcut stretch. Banana Republic is the only place I've found so far--any other options?
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Paige Hidden Hills -- but you will pay $180 for them. However, they are worth it.
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If you have an hourglass figure, measure waist and hips and call customer service at Bean's and Land's End (wait until after Jan.1 if you can.) The CS folks are helpful and understand that not all women are snake-hipped or want their jeans hanging off their hipbones. Also check out for Tencel. Lightweight and dry fast.
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Designer jeans will run you 150 , but if you can swing it, you'll find they are worth every penny. Trust me, I have spent days trying on different jeans to fit my body type. Once you find a pair that works, you can fnd them cheaper online. You need "lower" rise and somewhat of a low waist, but not the sleazy kind. So far A) Joe's Jeans in the Honey Booty or the Socialite B) Citizens of Humanity - The Kelly Jean, I believe. Also, Oprah recently did a whole show on this; I would check out her website for info too.
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I've had good luck with the Lane Bryant brand of jeans - but I don't know if you need a plus size or not. Also, Seven makes good, comfy jeans.
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Check out White House-Black Market...or Chico's...trying to remember which one (same parent company)...they have jeans tailored for different shaped bodies...and they were not $100...but nice quality. When you find that perfect pair of jeans for those of us with hips....please let me know!
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I love the Gap's Long and Lean jeans and they are definitely under $100. Also, if you like "stretch", I just bought some Levi boot cut jeans that were "stretch"; I like them so far.
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I've found that the "hipslung" jeans from J. Crew work for me. They're not nearly as expensive as designer jeans, and simple alterations like hemming the leg are complimentary at J. Crew, which saves you about $10-20. Also, you get 10% off if you have a student ID. In any case, they look professional because J. Crew tends to go for dark washes that go well with office-type outfits.
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Generally, hipslung or lower cut jeans work best if your hips are a size or two larger than your waist.
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Paige "Robertson" jeans are awesome for big hips because they're wider legs than most so you don't accentuate your upper legs, and the waist is great - lower in the front than the back so you avoid plummer's butt while still looking stylish. i HIGHLY recommend them. I was so squeamish about the price but honestly, its a struggle now to make myself wear any other pants.
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Where so you get the Paige Robertson jeans or the Paige Hidden Hills? I have never heard of these!
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Mudd makes some really nice, comfortable, long-lasting jeans and cords for all sizes that run around 20-35$
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I think the best place to go is Nordstrom - ask a sales rep and they'll go nuts and find you many types that would work on you. If you decide you want buy some, write down the designer and model name/number (and your size!) and then go online: ebay and have awesome deals.

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