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My bee sting is still red and itchy, a week after being stung. Is this bad?

Asked by sikelianos (1points) January 3rd, 2008

I was stung by a bee on the palm of my hand one week ago today. On my wrist, a few inches below the sting, there’s a super-itchy, semi-bumpy red rash. No pain though. Should I be worried?

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my bee sting also itched pretty bad for about a week after the sting. However, it went away short after then.

I wouldnt be worried.

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No this can be part of the healing process. Have you ever experinced a healing sore itch? Its the same thing.

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You should definitely see the doc. If it feels warm or hot, or if it gets any bigger, or you start seeing red lines near the wound – get to the ER.

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