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Can you tell me about your experiences of Reiki?

Asked by nebule (16446points) July 6th, 2009

Why did you go with that form of healing?
What for?
Did it work?
Would you receommend it?

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Supposedly, I’m attuned to level 2 Reiki. Can’t say as I’ve ever felt anything, giving or receiving. Sorry.

I have friends who swear by it though. They’re the ones who will do things like give Reiki to a car that’s having stalling problems.

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I had some really significant foot pain and Reiki was the only thing that really helped me deal with it. The practitioner was a beloved friend and he and I were very connected, but I saw him about once a week and felt a real benefit from the process.

As for recommending, there are a lot of charlatans of all stripes in all fields. I would only see a practitioner who was recommended by people I trust.

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I took first-degree Reiki training in about 1976, and it was stressed in our training that Reiki is to be given, not sold. I practice it on and off when people or animals are hurting. It appears to be calming at least, my hands have some ability to impart quietness. Now I see that people are charging big bucks for this. I wouldn’t trust them any farther than I can throw a full-grown mule.

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I didn’t really have anything wrong with me, but I had 2 brief sessions just to experience it. The first time, I didn’t really feel any different, but the second time was after I was very upset about something. That time it calmed me a great deal. Of course, I can’t say it was the reiki specifically. It could just have been because I was focusing elsewhere, breathing slowly and closing my eyes.

My mother, on the other hand saw tremendous results with a few sessions to help some bad back pain she was having. She was completely better and it hasn’t returned.

Something else you may be interested in is cranio-sacral therapy. It’s not truly an energy work, like reiki. It focuses on light pressure on certain pulse points and muscle floors. I have had a great experience with this. In massage school, I was having some back pain, myself after our clinic one night. Another woman in the class had been studying cranio-sacral and offered to work on me. I lied on the table and she placed one hand under my back and the edge of her other hand right above my pubic bone. She stayed there for awhile and when she felt a release in the muscle, she was finished. I felt like a million bucks! That was the only experience I’ve had, so I can’t swear by it, but it did work the once.

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Thank you guys,

@susanc I totally get this… I don’t see why people should make money out of healing therapies… unless of course it’s takes up SO much of your time that you need to in order to live… but I can’t see that happening…

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people do practise these for a living….avoid the fakes and i reckon they are pretty good therapies…no direct experience though yet, but would certainly consider if money was not a problem…come on british nhs let’s have them available for free…..

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