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Can a Parachute Rocket Flare kill you?

Asked by tyrantxseries (4722points) July 6th, 2009

Parachute Rocket Flare
I’m having a debate with a friend about this:
this is the hypothetical situation
I buy a parachute flare, insted of using it correctly I turn and shoot you in the chest with it just the flare being fired not igniting the main flare say at 50ft just wearing your regular clothes would you survive?

I think it would kill you (the average flare travels apx 220ft/sec), my friend thinks it would severely injure you but you would survive

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You would die.

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It might go either way, but it most certainly would not be pleasant, and someone would end up in jail.

Didn’t your mother tell you not to point things like that at people? She said it for good reason.

“It’s all fun and games until someone loses an eye. Or a heart or a lung.

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It would go right through you , then you have to find some nano technology . Or find John Connor and remove his heart , withing minutes or you are dead died forever.
Chances are you would be in fucking pain and maybe aimed at the right place, and in the right conditions you will die or be severely maimed . You going to post back the results , if we don’t hear from you we know it went well .

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I should get Myth Busters to try it for me

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@tyrantxseries Now that would make a better show , than whats been on lately .
I dare say they would do it , and go OTT with it .

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Well, in The Breakfast Club, Brian attempted to kill himself with a flare gun (because he got a bad grade in shop class), but it went off in his locker before he could do it. Then they give him detention for a failed suicide…

I think you could definitely kill someone with it, especially if you hit them in the head.

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From the book “Hardcore Self-Defense”:

“A large flare pistol (or even a hand launched parachute flare) can seriously injure, or even conceivably kill, a person it is fired into from close range, although it is far more likely to either miss or rebound.”

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Just in case you want to see someone who survived being shot with a flare gun, you can take a look here.

Then there are instances of people being killed with a parachute flare, such as here and here.

Then there is this charming description : ”...some poor bloke was killed at I think a Rugby match when some idiot in the crowd fired a red parachute flare. The idiot obviously didn’t intend to kill some – he was just that – an idiot.

The flare hit the man in the chest and blew a dinner plate sized hole right through him.”

No matter what the idiots on YouTube do, I don’t recommend that you shoot any part of any person with a parachute flare.

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Worse than a sharp stick in the eye…questionably on par with a nail gun to the temple…not as nice as a ball peen hammer to the shin…:)~

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Disclaimer:This it just a hypothetical situation
anyone dumb enough to actually try this are extremely brain dead

@eambos you can’t use the head, If you hit someone’s head with anything hard there is a good chance they will die

The main debate is that if you get hit by the projectile (without burning/exploding) just it hitting you at the top velocity (200–220ft/sec ball parking) would it kill you… the projectile that’s medium size/odd shape/that is hard w/soft areas/the Kinetic energy
hmmm I guess we are both right…

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If we are ignoring any incendiary effects, I very much doubt it would kill you. A fairly slow bullet travels at approximately 1000 fps, five times as fast as this flare. The flare is traveling slower than many play-legal airsoft guns which leave little more than a small welt on bare skin. The ratio between the impact surface area and the mass of the projectile is larger, I would imagine, for the flare than for a bullet, making for less force per unit area at a given speed, and depending on the structure of the flare, it may tend to to collapse linearly on impact, spreading out the duration of the impact and therefore reducing the force at any given time. Because of all of these factors, I very much doubt the flare could even penetrate your skin if not for the fact it’s, you know, burning at 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit or whatever it is.

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It would probably sting. :P

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Hi survived being shot in the head with a parachute flare surving with the british army in 1980,massive swelling to the head,bleed to right eye, detached retina right eye, pure fluke that i lived,army lost all my records,no investigation,no compensation.

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It could go either way, depending on angle and point of impact.
@Jayne Keep in mind that the flare outmasses airsoft pellets or even BBs. It would have to have significantly more energy behind it.

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