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How can I make my new dog get along with my other dog?

Asked by dogluvr123 (4points) July 6th, 2009

I just recently adopted a 9 month old staffordshire terrier-pitbull. I already own a 4 year old chihuahua. She’s been with my brother since she was born but I came to own her a year ago. She hasn’t been well socialized and when she was with my brother he also owned her brother, so there were 2 chihuahuas always together. She did not like her brother too well. He would always bully her for her food. Since I have owned her she has adapted to my lifestyle well and seems happy, although she is an EXTREMELY picky eater and can go days without eating.

Anyway, she doesn’t seem to like the new puppy. He is very playful and tries to play with her. He does try to flip her over with his paws, which I don’t like and she doesn’t like either. There are also times when he sniffs her and she growls at him. Also, sometimes she’ll let him sniff her and sometimes she won’t. Every time he approaches her she is fearful.l She also does everything to avoid her and won’t go near him willingly. Only if I am by him and I call her she’ll come to me, but won’t through the side that he’s on. How can I make them get along? I walk them together and they do fine, but how can I make them get along at home?

P.S. He is neutered and she is not. I’m sure that this has something to do with her attitude, but how else can I make them get along?


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First, you could have a real problem here because of the size differential. Even when playing, your pit bull mix could injure a chihuahua.

Second, you have a puppy. Make sure this dog is well trained and will desist on your voice command.

Give them some time. Make sure she has safe places to go where the puppy can’t reach her.

If it was me, I would not leave them alone together when I was not home.

Your dog has the right to live free from fear.

Also, welcome to the collective.

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Tie a 7 to 8 pound, fresh ham to the new dog. Place it in a confined space, like a closet or a car trunk, with the other dog.

They will work it out and probably become BDFF.

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feed them well.

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You need to make sure the smaller dog has some place to go where the larger puppy can’t bother her. One of our dogs dislikes our relatively young pit bull, so she goes head first into her crate so he can’t get to her. Our cats have a gate that blocks the larger dogs but lets the cats through so again they can be away from them.

In the meantime, your puppy needs training and a lot of exercise.

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There’s cities that have doggie therapy. If there’s canine therapists, I’m absolutely certain that there’s professionals out there that specialize in this sort of thing.

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when you find this out, please tell me how to do it with humans :p

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you know when I was younger i actually feared most dogs iam glad im over that phase :P, so iam still wondering how to myself get along with dogs.

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