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What do you have faith in?

Asked by darkwolf8476 (69points) July 6th, 2009

I’m not asking this question in regards to just the biblical sense, but in a general sense.

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not much
but that doesn’t mean i need a religion

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The goodness of people.

Plenty of people try to prove me wrong on a daily basis, but I have faith that the majority of people will at least try do the right thing the majority of the time.

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Since you’re not talking about religion, I have faith in the two people in my avi.

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My husband and the loving support of my family.

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I have faith in my ability to work hard and get things done.

I have faith that my daughter will be a wonderful person; whoever she chooses to become.

I have faith in my wife’s heart because no one else has that much love for us and is right 98% of the time.

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You gotta trust in Karma…what goes around really DOES come around. When someone is bad and does you wrong, it’s not your place nor is it right for you to seek revenge on them for “what they did.” You need to trust that in time, even in another lifetime, Karma will have an effect and they will pay in some way for their bad deeds. It’s out of your hands, out of your control.

I truly do believe that. My teacher always used to say “It’s your Karma, not mine.” I live by that. So important to realize that most times, you need to let things roll off your shoulders…people will get what’s coming to them but that’s not up to you to decide.

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My sisters,family,me :)

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I have faith in myself and my abilities. I have faith in Sherry. I maintain a faith that people are generally well-intentioned but exercise care that this is not always the case. And that’s about all.

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God and science.

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Science does not require your faith.

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That it will all work itself out in the end.
That would explain the procrastination…

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@Ivan and @Grisaille – You guys can give your own answer if you want…. xD

I disagree that science does not require faith. After all faith is:
1. “confidence or trust in a person or thing: faith in another’s ability.”
I’m not a scientist… I have to have confidence or trust in scientists!

2. “Belief that is not based on proof”
I have not personally proved everything in science… I have to have faith that the things I’ve not proven were proven correctly.

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And the best teacher generates no karma

I believe in life(love)(God) or whatever you want to call it.

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That the sun will rise in the East every morning and that my dogs love me.

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I have a great deal of faith in our ability to fool ourselves into believing almost anything.

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I have faith in art and music.

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@NaturalMineralWater No, that’s fair. It’s just, whenever someone puts philosophy and science together, my head ASPLODES.

Ain’t your fault.

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True it’s all just mental constructs and agreements.

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I have faith in everything that is important to me and that America is smart enough to avoid becoming a theocracy like Iran. We got pretty close there with 8 years of the Shrub, but now I think the pendulum is swinging the other way.

@Darwin, your dogs have to love you, they don’t have thumbs and can’t open doors or use a can opener.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra You are right about the thumbs and the can openers, but they can and do open doors. Also the refrigerator.

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I agree with @Jayne :-). I have faith in that all my struggles will pass and a lesson will be learned to further my growth. Some days it’s tough to do that but I know in my heart everything will be ok. Funny though, procrastnation seems to pay off for me, LOL.

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Myself, my husband, and most other people as well.

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@augustlan Does that include George Michael?

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@jonsblond: Sure helped Eli Stone.

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I don’t know what that looks like on your end, but it’s a long string of incomprehensible type characters to me.

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I have faith in my marriage’

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Assuming by faith this question refers to “belief which is not based on proof” then very little. I could answer “people” or more specifically my loved ones, but I have already witnessed enough of human nature to trust most, if not all of the species. I could say I have faith that the worlds problems and torments shall be resolved because of my studies in sociological and anthropological history I already feel it is likely that such will occur given due time (though I also feel it is likely that what is resolved shall be replaced by some other manner of problem shortly thereafter). I am lacking in any serious spiritual or theological beliefs so cannot claim to have faith in anything to that end. The first thought that occurs to me when considering what I do have faith in is that our species will be remembered; it’s a gratifying sentiment.

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@SeventhSense * heart asplodes *

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What does that have to do with anything?

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You’re Blech to my dog love
or were you being a perv?

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I have faith that I really really really don’t get it. But I seem to be here anyway. Lucky?

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I rarely use the word faith, I have trust, hope, and love regarding my husband and the people closest to me.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Something tells me that you need to work on your aim.

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I was responding to your earlier comment.

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This one?
True it’s all just mental constructs and agreements.

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@Parrothead- I, too, have faith in my marriage. :)

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Mother nature.

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Myself and my ability to survive most onslaughts!

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Nothing, including people, sport and the weather, but most of all people.

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I have faith in good, the truth and hard work.

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not a great deal but if anything I would say…Light and Colour. It seems to sustain life, when life cannot sustain itself.

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I do have faith in science, in the sense that even if I can’t be bothered to read up on some complex issue to rationally judge it for myself, I trust that the consensus the professionals reached has been reached for the right reasons and can be relied upon to be the most sensible answer. I think that’s a reasonable thing to expect.

I also have faith in Wikipedia and its sister projects. I think their open content system is a great idea and they are on the whole reliable sources of information. My experience with them leads me to consider that a reasonable belief as well.

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Huh. I think I’m still figuring that out.

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I have faith that people will fuck you over.

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^Misanthropic Muse^

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For the life of me, I can’t figure this one out very quickly.
I have faith in my future.

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That the laws of nature still work next week.

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I really don’t have much faith in anything. I question everything. I wonder if Oswald really killed Kennedy, and if we really went to the moon. I gather all available information and then form a concensus. I think its worse to believe in something that’s not true, even if it gives you a sense of security. Why? Because if your security is based on a falsehood, then you are not really secure. A religious leader once told me, “wouldn’t you like to have your family with you in the next life?” Well, sure i would, but that doesn’t mean that its going to happen just because I believe it. And if it does happen, it will happen whether I believe it or not.

By the way, Seekingwolf, I do believe in Karma. If I have ever witnessed anything supernatural, it has been that. So I know that at least something’s out there.

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“I gather all available information and then form a concensus.”
I’m not sure if the word consensus means what you think it means.

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@Fyrius – It does if someone has multiple personalities or hears voices.

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Oh, strike that and substitute “opinion.”

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