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Can you really get "pulled over" and ticketed while parked?

Asked by vegelizabeth (723points) July 6th, 2009

My friend(17) got “pulled over” tonight while parked in the parking lot of a closed business after hours. He pulled over to talk to his friends he saw walking, some of the kids walked over and sat in his car, to talk (just until there friend Tyler was off the phone with his dad a couple of feet outside of the car). The vehicle was in park, keys out of ignition and the cop came over and asked for license/registration etc. after a bit of dialouge and his parents coming, he was given one ticket of $156 and it was for having people under the age of 25 in his car.

In our state (Vermont)the following is the VT teen driving law :

So the question is Can you really get “pulled over” and ticketed for having people in the vehicle, again, while it was in park, shut completly off, and keys out of ignition?

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yes you can.

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go to VA DMV website iam sure somewhere buried in all the small print its there

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Okay, thank you !

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you can always try your good looks see where that gets you :)

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If only it weren’t that easy :)

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well i have some friends and its worked for them lol

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In California it is against the license regulations for an underage driver to be in a car with other underage peoople unless a licensed driver over 21 is also in the car.

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Commence “dem goddem pigs!” comments.

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well i would definitely pay the ticket, unfortunately not really worth fighting ‘city hall’ but it sounds also like the cop was bored perhaps wanted to hit his quota for the month and opportunity and chance met.

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Yeah, thats pretty much how i feel about it. I just wanted some opinions.

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Ivan, relax :) don’t get angry and flip me off in road rage :p

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Some cops are assholes.

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hahaha so i’ve learned. :)

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That seems a bit harsh obviously the cop in question needed to get his quota in for the week :(

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i got pulled over in a parked car, but was not driving some what can i do, i have ct today. the cop didnt even ask my friend for his drivers lis, i just could drive.

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