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Should i pay in full?

Asked by von_silva (4points) July 6th, 2009

I live in a condo in florida in and its the middle of the summer time, its 100 degrees outside and the buildings ac has been broken for 5 days. were suppose have 2 ac units, the main and the backup. the backup has been broken for 3 years, which i just found out today, and the main is from 1959 and has never been replaced. there are many residence here who are old and new borns which can not live in these conditions.the building office ignores all the complaints and is not cooporative. the elevators break every single day, which we personally have gotten stuck in, and they will not replace either. do u think we should pay full maintanace and do you think we should take them to court? and do you think that the building should reemberce us for the hotel we had to stay in just so we dont drown in our own sweat at night. please help!!

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What does your condominium association agreement say? Who is the president of the condo association? How are the funds managed?

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There is almost certainly a local tenant’s rights association or government agency responsible for overseeing landlords. I suggest you contact them ASAP.

Edit: I just realized you’re talking about a condo. Do you own it or rent it?

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I agree with the above 2 responses but in order to do that you’ll need the cooperation of all the residents for it to be rectified in court or with the Association. If everyone is up for taking a stand, then go for it! Now, this will take some time so what I would suggest in the mean time is put some window fans or whatever fan will fit in a couple of windows to make some air flow. I know this will seem like “blowing hot air around” but it will seem a bit cooler because at least the sweat will dry up. I’m sorry about the elevators not working, can’tthink of an alternative except the stairs but I know that has it’s limits for some people as well.

The idea with window fans is that you’ll feel better about taking some action even if it’s a small one while a plan is being worked on how to handle the bigger issues. :-)

Hmmm, after some pondering, what if everybody stopped paying for the maintenance, would they kick everybody out??? They’d lose money at that rate, maybe this would be considered as a drastic urgent intervention technique? Or rather, lighting a fire under the landlord’s butt.

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Are you renting the condo, or are you an owner? Your sound like you’re approaching this from the perspective of a renter. If you are a renter, then you need to take it up with who you rent from. If you’re an owner, didn’t you check all this sort of stuff out when you bought the condo?

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