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Should i pay in full?

Asked by von_silva (4points) July 6th, 2009

I live in a condo in florida in and its the middle of the summer time, its 100 degrees outside and the buildings ac has been broken for 5 days. were suppose have 2 ac units, the main and the backup. the backup has been broken for 3 years, which i just found out today, and the main is from 1959 and has never been replaced. there are many residence here who are old and new borns which can not live in these conditions.the building office ignores all the complaints and is not cooporative. the elevators break every single day, which we personally have gotten stuck in, and they will not replace either. do u think we should pay full maintanace and do you think we should take them to court? and do you think that the building should reemberce us for the hotel we had to stay in just so we dont drown in our own sweat at night. please help!!

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