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How much would it cost to hire a driver?

Asked by alive (2943points) July 6th, 2009

what is a reasonable price to pay someone to drive me to and from work, in my own car, and i pay for all the gas money?

a daily rate? or an hourly one? or monthly?

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how much you wanna pay me, iam willing.

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You could probably work out a monthly rate for someone; how long would you need them for?

The downside for a person would be that they would have to be up and punctual in the morning, and be available every afternoon at the same time, which could preclude a lot of activities for someone. It could be ideal for someone who’s retired. You would have to add them to your car insurance.

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If I’m hiring a driver, they’ll be driving a better car than mine.

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I;d like to know where he lives that he can afford such a thing. or is it a medical issue of some sort?

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It’s not clear how this would work, they drive you to work in your car, then what do they do between that and driving you home? Do they keep your car for the day?

I used to drive my Grandson to school every day, and then return home, and pick him up after school. He paid for the gas and mileage, but I donated my time.

The going wage is $7 – $8 an hour, but you would have to be sure he was a licensed, competent driver.

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so your saying you made your grandson pay you for driving? wow.

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you said I used to drive my Grandson to school every day, and then return home, and pick him up after school. He paid for the gas and mileage, but I donated my time.

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Yes, he offered to pay for the gas and mileage if I would drive him to school so he could save on the bus fare, and especially the hour on the bus, that was only 20 minutes in the car. How did you think “I donated my time” equalled I charged him?

Maybe you’re new here and haven’t seen in previous quips, this is my adult grandson, who has a job, and was attending college.

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well considering he is your “grandson” I dont look at it as a business investing of time.

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I think paying hourly for a regular service is inane. I would go weekly probably. I think flat rates lead to better service, where the emphasis is on the service. What price would probably dependon length and/or time of commute

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One thing to be careful of is that livery service generally requires a particular licensing from the local gov’t (at least in the US).

So, while you CAN hire someone to drive you around in your car, they might be doing so illegally.

That said, I’d look at what a reasonable price for the time would be, and convert that to a weekly or daily fee, paid twice monthly. E.g., if you can convince someone to do it for $10 an hour, and it takes them 30 minutes to get to your house, an hour to drive you, and 30 minutes for them to get home twice a day, your daily rate is then $40, weekly is $200, and monthly around $800 (assuming a 20-day a month work schedule). Paying weekly/monthly means that you don’t have to pay them extra for heavy traffic, and they make extra if they can make it more efficient (or on light traffic days).

I think $10 is a little cheap, but it depends on where you are. Here in Pgh, I bet I could find someone (probably a college student) to work for $40 a day and keep their schedule cleared at the right times.

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