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What do you do when you miss your loved ones?

Asked by peyton_farquhar (3741points) July 6th, 2009

Sometimes I miss my boyfriend to the point of tears. What do you do to comfort yourself when something like this happens to you?

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I go by their graves and cry my heart out.

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I text him or go out with friends

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I’m fortunate to be in a position where most of my loved ones are close by but in the past, when I was in the military and far from home (to use a good example) and missing those that are closest to me, I used to do several things when I was lonely and homesick.

I remember looking at photographs of my loved ones, listening to music that reminded me of them, writing them letters, phoning them to hear their voices, spending time with friends and all of us talking about back home and our loved ones there and enjoying the good memories.

During the occasions that I was so down and out from missing everyone back home and the methods above didn’t work, I resorted to activities to keep my mind preoccupied such as reading, playing sports, watching movies, or whatever else I could find to fill the time.

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I take time for myself. You might as well do what you would do if it was just “you” that you had to think about and make yourself happy. nobody else can

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I do stuff for me, too. When my husband was out of town I went to movies that I’d like a lot more than he would. I saved the ones he’d like seeing with me for when he got back home. I spent time exploring my city on foot. I went places I’d been wanting to go. I did a lot of things on the fly since I didn’t have to plan outings or meals or anything with anyone else.

It helps to remind yourself if you’ll see them again soon that that’s the case. In the meantime just live your life and you’ll have more to talk about when you see them again. I hope this helps. Take care.

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I put their picture on the dartboard and throw a few darts at them. Creating anger issues will help you not miss them.

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I think about what they’re (my sons) probably doing right now, and picture them and the things I like about them. I remember conversations we’ve had recently or things we did together. It usually makes me smile and feel close to them.

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Think about good times you’ve had together, listen to old songs you both like, think about why you love him so much. Remind yourself that he will come home soon, and think about how wonderful that homecoming will be!

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I suffer with very bad speration anxiety and, like you, will often cry when I really miss someone (I’m feeling that way now as a matter of fact). I try to thik positive abut the situation and not let my fears and anxieties get in the way of any rational thought. It doesn’t always work for me bu it may do for someone with a slightly better state of mind.

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A little cry is good for the soul, and I partake in it from time to time. However, getting into the depths of woe is not conducive to a happy life, so then I pick up myself from the floor and carry on.

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Write, listen to music, clean, groom, exercise my way to exhaustion, work more.

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Email them or go out with friends. Or pick a fight, even if they’re miles away!

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I call them…or if they are dead I pray, and I make sure that they know I love them, all the time, the dead ones and the living…

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I pinpoint what in particular I am distressed about in relation to that person. For example, in a love affair, if that person is estranged, I read romantic novels and watch many romantic movies while living vicariously through the love affairs of the characters until my love returns.

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First I ask myself, am i just feeling needy at the moment, or do I absolutely love them so much it feels as if my heart is both fragmented and frazzled. Then, based on my conclusion, I either a) take some naproxen sodium, blast The Smiths, and eat something made of processed sugar; or b) send him digital images of me doing something naughty.

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I try to remember that I have to live for me, and that I am the only one that can truly make myself happy. A little cry here and there can be cathartic, but in excess it only exacerbates those feelings of sadness. Remember that you can do all sorts of things without your loved ones, but they will always be with you in your heart. You can always pray about it or you can think of funny memories that make you smile instead of make you frown. But trying new things or getting involved in things you care about outside of your loved ones is a great idea too.

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