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Were tribal tattoos ever cool?

Asked by NathanESP (100points) July 7th, 2009

by this i mean the very cliche tribal patterns, usually tattoo’d on the upper arm or across the back. Everyone i’ve talked to think they look tacky and are usually favoured by meatheads and the like.

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They are extremely common, but they look better than cartoons, butterflys over the ass, and reading material above one’s genitalia. If I want to read something, I’ll do so on the toilet.

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For the tribe wearing one I doubt it’s supposed to be cool. For followers of fashion, each to their own eh?

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@bobbydavid Good call!

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It is not fashionable to be reading things above someone’s genitalia.

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He answered in reference to the question, so he was talking about tribal patterns. Not gaudy slogans above the crotch.

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They are the new “barbed wire”.

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Tribal Patterns can look ok , depends the person who has them the size and location . I personally wouldn’t get a tribal cause they scream look at me i am an ersehole with no imagination
I dont know whats worse a Slag tag , tribal or a memorial/portrait tattoo .

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My wife wants me to get tribal tattoos. Lucky for me I wouldn’t do it for that reason alone.

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Links that should be above Yuk
Star of a bad cover up note the dodgy band .
Nearly finished again note the band .
Damn .
Artist should be shot , so should the canvas .

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@sandystrachan Excellent examples. These sort of tribal tattoo’s were inspiration for the question.

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@sandystrachan “I don’t know what’s worse a Slag tag….”
Well, here are some examples of misused Chinese characters . My Japanese friends marvel at this Western concept. Why wouldn’t you proof read it first?
At least tribal is what it is.

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The Maori have beautiful tribal tattoos, often on their faces. Now I am not wild about them on your face but the designs are inspired by the sea and the movement and intricacy is fantastic. I love them on the biceps and shoulders of buff young things!

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I’d much prefer a pattern over an ‘image’. Not necessarily a tribal pattern. Paisley, random, etc over a rose, butterfly, etc.

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They are a bit overplayed.

The problem with many tattoos is that they are gotten while drunk or embarked upon by unimaginative people.

My niece just got one I thought was good: an olive branch wrapping around her wrist. She’s an Italian pacifist.

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My brother has a set of tribal tatoos, he’s told me he regrets getting them. Though he might regret them because they are just tatoos and not just because they are tribal, but he doesn’t complain about any of his others.

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Tribal tattoos were cool when I was 11 lol. Why would you ever want a tattoo that you know hundreds of thousands of people have pretty much the same thing? Why not be creative for a change and get something that no one else has? Something that is both artistic and has meaning to you.

i have one tattoo. Since i got it i’ve been noticing other peoples tattoos more, i’ve come to realize 90% of the tattoos i see on others seem poorly thought out and uncreative.

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I agree with @cprevite and @uberbatman, too. Whatever you get tattooed should be meaningful to you.

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Some people are downright rude.

Jeez, didn’t know that a tattoo on someone else could personally offend.

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@Grisaille not offended, just think its stupid and shows how unoriginal the person sporting said tattoo is.

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Tattoos are only cool if you got them in prison or 4-H Camp.

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What about neck tattoos , i don’t see the point in them .
People get them so people think they are hard/ tough , just like they get a dog to frighten people . They are ugly , stupid, pointless waste of money ,Is there any point !?!?!.....

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When Joe Shmoe gets one it is disrespectful to the culture that the design belongs to.

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