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How bad must the economy get before I return to prostitution guilt free?

Asked by RealEyesRealizeRealLies (30946points) July 7th, 2009
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Only you can answer that….

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You’re a prostitute? For real?

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I’d say your good to go right now…

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It depends solely on you. If you’re looking at the economy for an indication that prostitution is right for you, then you’re doing it wrong. imho.

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The guilt comes from being a parent so the answer is never.

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I’m pretty sure there’s not a measurable moment in the economy’s decline where I would consider a “return to prostitution” your best choice.

However, you may feel it is your only choice. It all depends on how much energy you wish to expend on justifying your choice.

As for the guilt – well, feeling guilty is a pretty good indicator you probably shouldn’t be doing something.

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Guilt is not an economic concept.

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Don’t blame the economy. You are worth more than that.

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Now is definitely the time.

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Now is definitely the time. The lesson about the economy is our leader is prostituting himself. He does not have any guilt.
So why should you?

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edit – removed original for not adding to the topic.

@RRR please don’t cherish guilt. Guilt is an unproductive emotion. Be happy and make the most of life. Only make choices you can live by. Live by the choices that you make.

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@RealEyesRealizeRealLies; So you are both a prostitute and author? Good for you.

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If there’s guilt then you’re not doing it right. ~

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I don’t think the economy has anything to do with the guilt you feel. There are other jobs.

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I don’t think the economy should have anything to do with it. If you feel guilt about it, don’t do it. If it’s what you want to do, and it’s a good income, and it’s not damaging to you – then there shouldn’t be guilt about it no matter what the economy is like.

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First, you need to find out why you feel guilty about it. Once you come to terms with that, then you won’t feel that way about it. I’m sure it has something to do with the way you were raised to believe about prostitution and that would be a good place to start digging for answers.

Yes, the economy is bad but did you create it to be this way? No, not all by yourself so why not change something in your life that alters your perception of it. I don’t mean ignore it or pretend it’s not happening, just view it differently and find something that inspires you to make your life better, even if it’s a little bit better. Personally, I think you’re worth much more than that!

I have my bad days too like you and sometimes just to listen to “Back in Black” by AC/DC puts me back in a good mood. Something about that song just forces me to get up and MOVE! LOL get those seratonin levels up and sparks of creativity will happen. That’s when you want to start finding a better way to deal with life. :-) (((@RealEyesRealizeRealLies)))

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My Magic 8 Ball says, “My source says no”.

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This is 100% your call.

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If you like sex (or can at least tolerate being used for sex) and you like money, where’s the problem? I approach the issue of prostitution the same way George Carlin did…“Fucking isn’t illegal. Selling isn’t illegal. So why should selling fucking be illegal?” It’s only really a problem if you have a problem with it (well, and if you get caught). Of course, you could always move to the middle of Nevada then you would make more money, be a lot safer and not have to worry about getting arrested. Another option is stripping, if guys will pay to fuck you, they’ll pay to watch you get naked.

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OMG, LOL, I remember George Carlin saying that! He had some interesting philosophies about life with a twist of humor. Definitely a trip. :-) Sorry, I got off-topic.

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Homemade porn can also be lucrative, and there you’re having sex with someone you know at least.

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@all: I think that RRR is being rhetorical.

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@gailcalled – I kinda figured that one out when I saw the title of the post, just having some fun.

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It’s not the economy, it’s YOUR situation. Do you have starving children to feed and all other options are exhausted? That would be my line. The question is, where’s yours?

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It has nothing to do with the economy, its about your sense of right and wrong. If you think prostitution is wrong, you will feel guilt. You may try and rationalize what you are doing but you will still know it is wrong.

Instead of having to do something that induces guilt just because the economy is bad, why not develop some skills that make you recession-proof. There are serious recessions every 7–15 years and you probably become less ‘saleable’ as a prostitute as time passes.

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“return”? I think you just meant “turn”, or else you wouldn’t even ask. I don’t think the overall economy is a factor. I live in an area that’s also been hit badly, but my own salary will be the same (when I start working again). Ok I don’t make any money now, but that’s because I don’t work out of choice. So it all has to do with your personal situation, your personal options and of course (especially if you’ve tried it before) whether you can put up with that line of work and everything that goes with it, as with any other job.
I wouldn’t really mind the social stigma (then again I’m a man) but I imagine that since my clients would hardly ever be sexy young ladies, I’d find it quite hard to perform. I simply don’t think I’d be any good at this. But I’ve said that I’d do anything I had to if my daughter was starving.

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@Jack79 Sorry to burst your balloon but your clients would probably not be any kind of ladies. Most women who use ‘escorts’ are not in it just for the sex. Usually they are older, richer women who are looking for presentable, educated and well trained men who can actually escort them to important them functions then make them happy afterwards.

Male prostitutes service gay or bi men.

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oh I could probably do the escort thing instead though. Would I have to wear a tie?

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I’ll just start calling you Deuce Bigalow.

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@Jack79: Yes – and sometimes only a tie.

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It is a personal choice, but personally I’d first starve and sleep on a park bench, stealing food from nearby shops.

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Is this some kind of plug for the HBO series, Hung?

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I leave for awhile and THIS is what you’ve been pondering?

ok-I’ll bite.

For you the economy will never be that bad. Not because of any of the socially or morally degrading stuff. Not because I think it is ‘wrong’. I just think it is wrong for you and would be too soul stealing. I don’t believe you could seperate your mind from it…be detached. You would think about it too much and it would drive you crazy.

maybe you could just take some ‘tastefully nude’ pictures.

there’s my two cents.

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So the guilt would get me after all…? But only because I’d feel guilty for charging women for what little I have to give them… Hahahahahahaha!

Refer to @gailcalled second comment…

Just another little social experiment designed to get people to fuss up about their perspectives on resorting to prostitution in this sagging economic cluster flush…

A guy’s gotta make a living… sheesh!

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not what I said!

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I know… it’s what I said… jokingly.

You’re right, I definitely couldn’t detach myself enough. I fully expected others to internalize the Q to themselves.

Never done a nude in my life either. Might be time… they sell pretty good if done properly.

Is that what you said?

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I know you were joking….damn internet context fogginess.

remind me to tell you about the idea of verbal precision I just read about in a book my son recommended…..very up your alley.

go for the nudes. people seem to like them and think they are porn, even when they aren’t. it’s another good social experiment at least…and if you can make some coin…so much the better

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I’ve had lot’s of opportunities. Many models have suggested it to me over the years and I’ve just never pursued it for some reason. Maybe being single will change that perspective.

The only nudes I’ve done have been the pregnant mothers of my sons. Only for the personal archives.

What do you suggest, the erotica vamp suggestive or the soft and mysterious abstract body scapes?

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I prefer the less overtly suggestive of the two, but that might just be me. b&w.

I saw one of the photos of one of your sons being born. great shot for sure

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Self destruction will not help the economy or you. You might decide to choose a less desirable partner on a temporary basis. That is not prostitution. It is just the business of living.

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