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How do you feel about wearing black and navy together?

Asked by bezdomnaya (1435points) July 7th, 2009

Is it ‘timeless and classy’? Or is it a fashion faux pas?

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Now that I am retired, I don’t give it much thought. Today, for example, I am wearing blue jears, black sandals (and a T shirt that my daughter decorated 15 years ago). I consider myself the glass of fashion.

I do think navy clothing with black shoes is fine. I would forget navy shoes.

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Navy jeans and black tee- nice.

If it is a navy sock and a black sock that is uncool.

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Ah, the old black and blue. That has been a discussion that has been going on since the beginning of time.
You like the look? Go for it.

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No, I’d only wear that combination if the blue was jeans. I did that for the 4th. Wore jeans & a sparkly black shirt.

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If you mean black shoes with a navy outfit, I think it is fine, especially with trousers. If you mean a navy shirt with black trousers I say no good.

Jeans don’t count, you can wear almost anything with jeans.

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I do it all the time but I probably look like a bruise.

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Black pants and navy shirt is a combo of choice for me. I would think you look good in it…but admittedly I know nothing of fashion or color matching, so my advice is likely useless.

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I’m not into fashion particularly, but I avoid it on aesthetic grounds, exactly as I would avoid pairing beige with gray. The only exception I’d make is if the blue were jeans. But I don’t think you should go to jail for it if you do.

Black shoes, yes, that’s different.

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Only if I have an accessory that blends them. (but never if the navy is so dark that you have a hard time telling if it’s black or navy.)

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I’ve always hated the color navy on me, so I wouldn’t wear them together.

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I watch those fashion reality shows and was surprised that black and navy is supposed to be hot now. As a teacher, my work wardrobe is Land’s End cardigan + matching skirt/pants in dark colors. At 5:30 am you can’t tell black from navy under artificial light but it is obvious by daylight at 8. I thought I would try to pull it off as ‘fashion forward’ but that didn’t go. So now I just carry the black and navy cardigans in the car and pick the right one as I walk into work.

That doesn’t solve the sock problem though. I wear a brace and orthopedic shoe (lovely) and used to try to wear coordinating knee-highs. After looking down in the classroom and seeing one black and one navy sock (nobody could call that fashionable) I went all white.

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I’ve gone to the office more than a few times with one navy and one black sock. I probably have a couple of pair in my drawer right now.

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I wouldn’t do it. There could be a reaction! Also, I think it’s unattractive.

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I think black and navy go great together!

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Black and navy can go together only if you really have an eye for fashion. It does look good if done right. The fabrics, tones, and textures must compliment each other. A black wool pant with a beautiful navy silk blouse or cashmere sweater is nice because you have a heavy fabric paired with a lightweight luxurious fabric. As long as there is a distinct difference i think it looks classy. Most people just look bad doing it. Of course this is just my opinion.

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All color combination are fine in my book, so long as the clothes are comfortable.

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Black on black is the only way to roll as far as mens formal attire go for me.

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Any and all questions about fashion are strictly dependant on who is wearing and who is judging. In most combinations, navy with black is as timeless as white on black or any other combination.

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Ok, so today just for the hell of it I wore dark blue jeans and a black knit top with a modified henley neckline and ¾ sleeves, accessorized with a fine silver chain and blue moonstone earrings set in silver, and a pair of very nice black sandals (my favorites) just like this . The ensemble would not measure up to @elijah‘s fashion standards, I feel sure, but as casual work attire goes, it is theoretically just fine.

And all day long I have felt self-conscious and apologetic about the color combination, wishing I could say to people, “Don’t worry, I really do know better.” Nobody has recoiled in horror or even given me a reproachful look, but I just know I shouldn’t have.

I don’t think I’ll do that again unless I’m staying home.

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Blue jeans don’t fall under the category of “navy”

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I know, but they are dark blue, and it’s all I had to perform this experiment with. I don’t like navy, so I don’t have any navy pants.

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Today, without realizing it, I wore dark blue jeans and a solid black T-shirt. At some point while walking to the drug store to buy peanuts and deodorant, this question popped into my consciousness, and I realized what I was wearing. No one looked at me funny, as far as I could tell.

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They were probably too polite to stare.

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The funny thing is, people don’t notice us as much as we like to think anyway.
Funny story. I tried to get permanent lipstick and get my lips tattooed. My lips swelled op so big it was crazy. I looked like a comedy sketch! I wanted to hide, but I had a meeting (with people I had never met) that I HAD to attend.
I was very self conscious. It looked worse thanthis. (Not me, by the way, just a google search.)
When having a private conversation with a woman at the meeting
i mentioned how embarrassed I was she said, Oh, I didn’t even notice!” I was appalled since I thought I looked like a monster!

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Navy and black can be paired in the way @elijah said. Geez, what a girly girl! I love it! Although, I do not approve of black with blue jeans, mostly because some people wouldn’t know how to do it right. Especially in the shoe area, which irks me to no end. The only way black on blue jeans is acceptable is if you’re punk rockin it…Need I say more…

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Still experimenting (what I do for you guys!): next day. I didn’t see anyone I knew yesterday—quiet day in the office, and I came and went on little cat feet. So today, doing something I have never done before, I wore the exact same thing on consecutive days, except that today I substituted a pair of pale blue jeans for the dark nearly-navy ones. And here’s my finding: I feel perfectly fine.

So this is my tentative but considered conclusion on the subject: there’s nothing technically wrong with wearing black with navy or dark blue, but don’t do it anyway, unless you’re @elijah or someone whose picture gets put in fashion magazines.

(@Judi is right, of course—we’re really so conspicuous only to ourselves. But since it’s all about confidence and how we feel in what we wear, if we don’t feel right we won’t look right.)

Further research is welcome.

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Anything goes with denim

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@galileogirl anything but blue

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@Facade or more denim…eeek. Unless you’re being an nineties rocker for the day.

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Even then, I’d be forced to point and laugh

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@Judi It must have been a long time ago, now women go to their doctors to have their butt fat injected into their lips to make them ‘plump’.

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I have actually done Restylane injections before, bt this was over the top! (at least in my eyes)

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Dark blue jeans are fine with a black top. I was talking about materials that aren’t denim. I think as long as the outfit fits well, it will look classy. @Jeruba your outfit sounds like it worked out fine! :) I wear mostly dark wash jeans, and I have many black tops (hair stylists own lots of black clothes) that look very good together. Accessories are what can make or break a more casual blue/black outfit. Now if you choose to wear an old stretched out black t-shirt and some worn out dark blue jeans you will look sloppy, but that’s a whole different problem than color combination.

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It has only recently come to my attention that some people don’t like this. I tend to mix black and blue a lot, even if it’s just dark blue jeans and a black top or vice versa.

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