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Have you ever just wanted to look at someone all the time?

Asked by watermelonsugar (16points) July 7th, 2009

Just stare and it’s more fascination than anything sexual.

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As they say in the 4th grade, take a picture, it’ll last longer.

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@dalepetrie Ah, but what if the person isn’t photogenic? Lol.

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Yes, yes I do. This might sound really corny, but I could sit and stare at my man for hours. Just look him up an down and drink him in. It is one of my very favorite things to do.

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I have a friend that is so strikingly beautiful that it is almost unreal. She is damn near flawless. What makes her even more beautiful is her personality. I remember telling her, one time, that it was so hard to look away from her because of her beauty and personality. She just laughs it off.

We’ve known each other for two decades now, I swear, she’s even more beautiful now than ever before – but her personality outshines her beauty.

I don’t stare, anymore!

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@watermelonsugar – then I guess you’ll just have to do an oil painting.

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Yup. Many times. Some because they were beautiful people. Some out of disbelief at how horrid and ignorant they were I want to wait to be proven wrong.

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Definitely: my wee little boys. I can still look at them forever.

I shared the picture.(see here )

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@whitenoise – I’d stare, too! :) Beautiful!

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I could look at Halle Berry all day.

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My babies! When they were born I couldn’t take my eyes off of them, and now that they are a bit older, I still can’t take how perfect they are…

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@whitenoise – Look at the little fellas! Thanks for sharing!

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Yes, the guy i really really like <3

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Yes I have. I’ve been there!

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Sounds like love to me.

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Yes, sure. In fact, some people are like moveable, poseable and willing paperdolls. Yum. Infatuation.

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