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Bloglines vs Google Reader. Which is better?

Asked by xmen24 (22points) January 4th, 2008

I currently use Bloglines. But I hear a lot about google reader everywhere. Is it worth shifting my loyalty from Bloglines? Any killer feature that google reader has, that is worth considering?

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I consider myself a power-RSS user (I subscribe to about 100 feeds that I read daily) and I use Google Reader.

One of the best features of Google Reader is that you can view all your feeds different feeds as one big stream. It supports keyboard shortcuts, which are pretty handy, and offline mode with Google Gears. My other favorite feature is Trends, which shows you which feeds you read the most, making it easier to decide which feeds to unsubscribe from.

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I’m a huge fan of I can just arrange the tabs however I like and add as many sites as I like.. All in one browser :D

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I think it’s whatever you prefer. I prefer having, as sferik mentioned, all updated feeds in one big stream, instead of reading feeds per category, so I use Google Reader, but if you don’t like that you can just stay with Bloglines or try Netvibes or whatever.

Btw, it’s truly awesome that most feed readers implement OPML support, so you’re never stuck with one client. So, whenever you’re looking for a feed reader, be sure to check whether they can also export to OPML.

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yeah agree with Vinventt. I love the OPML support. Makes shifting from one reader to another, or even to desktop readers like flock, so easy.
I have felt google reader more optimised and memory efficient than bloglines. Not sure if its true.

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i use netnewswire. i like having it on a separate app.

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