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Ever thought that if someone rich or famous heard your special story, they’d be glad to contact you?

Asked by marcosthecuban (429points) July 7th, 2009

Ever wanted to talk to someone rich or famous so badly—for either personal or professional reasons—that you would have been willing to pay them for it?

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give me a million dollars and i’ll talk to you :)

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No, I don’t care about talking to anyone rich or famous.

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lol yep…all the time! it sits quite nicely with this fantasy of mine too…

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Some celebrities seem like interesting people, but I wouldn’t pay to talk to them.

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no but i reckon they’d pay me…

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If they’re rich and famous, I doubt they’d be bribed. But if you really want to meet someone, you always can. I’ve met several important people, usually without even trying that hard. They’re still humans you know.

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I’ve never felt the need to have anyone know me, or know my story.

Least of all a shallow celebrity whose time can be bought off.

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I don’t think anyone rich and famous would have much business with me, or I with them.
At heart, I’ve always been man of few ambitions, preferring a simple and not too conspicuous life.

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@Fyrius I can never take you seriously. I just imagine whatever you’re saying to be coming out of the mouth of the dog in the business suit.

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lol @Grisaille I’m off to bed… night night everyone..dream nice… those of us this side of the sea… and those that are not… enjoy xx

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Given what it takes to be rich and famous and what wealth and fame do to people in turn, I can’t imagine why any such person would make space in his or her attention for me or why I would bother to ask. I doubt that many rich and famous people have anything interesting to talk about. They are too much the center of their own universes.

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I don’t see that I’d have a whole hell of a lot to talk to a celebrity about. The people I admire are ones who’ve created things, who are talented. I don’t have similar talents ergo what do I have in common about which we could discuss. Yes, there would probably be something, but I can come on here and find engaging, insightful conversation any time I want, instead of sitting in the presence of the flesh and blood creator of some work which astounds me. If I weren’t awestruck, I’d probably just come away disappointed, having had the aura of greatness removed by seeing that they too were just another normal person.

The only exception I can think would be that I’ve been told by many on Fluther, and other websites where I’ve contributed my thoughts, stories, musings and what not, and often by people whom I respected tremendously before they ever said anything to me, that they truly were impressed by something I said or a way in which I said it…I’ve had many people tell me I should write professionally, and I would LOVE to, so if someone in a position to make that happen for me were to discover my writings and have a similar reaction, I’d be OK with that. And I can think of my wife…she had a pretty amazing life story, having come from an unstable, unhappy, at times abusive childhood where she had nothing, causing her to be a very shut down, messed up person for quite some time, and she has overcome that to become a level person, a great mother and a successful librarian…I think that’s the kind of inspirational story that if she were to write it down and get the opportunity to speak with say Oprah about it, this could be life changing. But by and large those are exceptions….no, I have no interest in meeting famous people…I’ve gotten a few autographs, but really I’ve got nothing to talk to a celebrity about, I have nothing to say to one that they haven’t heard from a billion other fans…and frankly, for my, celebs as people don’t interest me…when they’re dead and gone, their work lives on…I do not mourn the loss of a person, I mourn the loss of potential future output…how can I mourn someone I don’t even know. And when you get right down to it, many celebrities aren’t all that good of people….how many celebrity mugshots are out there now?

If you think about it, for every actor who gets to make movies, there are thousands of other people who can act but never get famous. You know who those people are? They’re the ones you went to high school with who dropped out to move to LA…by and large they are losers who don’t want to toil in the real world…they’re people who take irresponsible risks and make irresponsible decisions because they’re convinced the world would be impressed by them…and 99,999 times out of 100,000, they’re wrong. What you’re seeing when you see a famous actor is someone who thought they were good enough to be up there on the screen with all those other beautiful people, who got really lucky and managed to do it, and who is probably now used to having people snap to his every whim. All I’d have to say to the majority of “celebrities” is “Dance, monkey…you ain’t done entertaining me yet.”

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Wait. I take that back.

I’d give my right arm to have a 20 minute “private conversation” with Megan Fox. Or Meagan Good.

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I’ve met quite a few over the years here in Los Angeles, actors and actresses, singers, musicians, record label execs, auto and motorcycle racers, and they are for the most part like everyone else. Most are very nice (a few are asses) and they are usually quite busy. Fortunately, I’ve never had to pay to meet any of them and rather doubt I ever would….wtf

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@whatthefluther Here in NYC, as well. When I was workin’ at Starbucks uptown (hey, I had to pay the bills… Ain’t ashamed!), there’d be a bunch of celebs hopping in to get their caramel frapps.

Most are nice. None tipped. :[

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@Grisaille….None tipped? That’s just plain rude. And just imagine how many of them waited on tables at least once in their lives…wtf

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Not even Derek Jeter.


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Sounds like next time he comes in you should make it extra EXTRA frothy (if you know what I mean) ;)

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But dude… it’s Derek Jeter… Can’t do him wrong like that.

P.S. I don’t work at Starbucks anymore… that was years ago. :P

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@Grisaille In Los Angeles when I waited tables the celebs always tipped. Must be the weather out there in NY. Like WTF I have never had to pay to meet one- though from my first statement it seems they had to pay me.

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We put far too much value on celebrity.

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@Dog Lucky dog, you. Guess it was because baristas are considered to be the less than wait staff… a sub-waiter, if you will.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic I agree. They are just people really.

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However, some people rightfully deserve the spotlight. Prince is great at what he does, as is Denzel Washington.

There are those that do do what they do… well. Of course, for every Johnny Depp, there’s a Paris Hilton.

But that’s another story.

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@Grisaille I can see an aspiring actress wanting to meet Angelina Jolie or an up and coming singer wanting to meet Prince but their celebrity alone is not very substantial as Paris Hilton has shown us ala the whole “famous for being famous” phenomena. Celebrity does not make people better by default.

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Nope, not trying to say that. I’m just saying that, sometimes, celebrities have their recognition for a reason. And not superficial ones, either.

Not saying that it makes them – as a person – “better”, just saying that accomplishments are accomplishments, and we often times scoff and celebrities just because of the nature of the beast. If you’re good at what you do, I’d never try to steal away your thunder.

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It would be an honor to meet someone who excelled in their field of expertise but I’m not likely to go out of my way to meet one.

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That’s cool, too.

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You ask if I would pay “them” for it, but I firmly belive the opposite would be true, “they” would pay me for it, and we both would become rich off the proceeds.

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No, I wouldn’t pay to talk to a celebrity because I’d probably end up sitting there clueless as to what to say to them. Now, if one of my mentors were putting on a seminar and I get to talk to them afterwards, yes, I would pay for the seminar and be utterly grateful for the chance to ask them questions. My story? I don’t have one and certainly not one good enough to get the crew from Total Home Makeover to come over. lol But that’s alright, I’m getting over it. ;-)

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Send me a plane ticket, take me to lunch and I will hang with you all day.

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Hahaha, that’s okay. That’s what I intended when I chose that picture.
I think he conveys exactly what I would like to be known for: intellect, erudition, eloquence and pervasive silliness.

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i wouldn’t pay a celebrity to talk to me, but sometimes when i listen to my favourite singers, i swear to god we’d be friends if we talked.

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@dalepetrie Harsh! Equating anything but stardom to loseriness [tm Adam Sandler] is out of line.

I have a good friend who moved to Hollywood to be an actor. He never hoped he’d be a star, just wanted to do the work. He made a living, albeit meager, for a couple of years – until the writers’ strike caused the work to dry up. He was happy as a clam, and still loves to tell his stories. Mind you, being on a first name basis with Don Johnson is not something I would admit let alone brag about, but each to his own.

So my friend is not a loser. He lived a dream and then went on to other things. Not everyone’s focus is about climbing to the top of the heap.

And a lot of us act without moving to Hollywood. We do community theater, or local programs or get picked up to do extra work on movies made in our town. No reason for you to sneer at us.

One more thing – even the best and hardest working actor isn’t guaranteed success in H’wood. If you have standards about what shows you’ll do, and if don’t look all that or won’t get the boob job then you may never strike gold.

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@6rant6 – respectfully, it seems pretty clear to me that I wasn’t talking about you or your friend. I know full well that some people act, because that’s what they like to do, that’s what they have talent for, they do theater, they don’t harbor some illusion that they are somehow “better” than everyone else, they just want to make an honest living doing what they love. But a LOT of people DO move to Hollywood because they just know they’re going to make it, they just KNOW they are “star material”, and the VAST majority of them wait tables and wash cars their whole lives. The relative few who succeed often get swelled heads about it, everyone constantly tells them how great they are and they believe it, because they’ve always thought that themselves. A lot of these people never even fathomed going to college to make something of themselves, they never had a backup plan in case the world didn’t think they were as great as they thought themselves to be. In short, I stand by everything I said, but never intended for it to apply to everyone who’s ever gotten famous or everyone who’s ever acted.

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this question makes me think of Jerry Springer:0

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I’ve often wished I could contact some celebrities, not for my benefit but for theirs. I watch what Hollywood is doing to people like Britney Spears and Lindsay Lohan, and I feel a great deal of pity for them. They’re surrounded by sharks and bottom-feeding yes-men who feed on them, the whole while they’re egging these celebrities on in their dissolute lives which can only end in tragedy or madness. And because of their fame, they’re isolated from anyone who might help them reanchor themselves to reality. The worst part, for me, is the way I am forced to witness this by the corporate media, who gleefully bite off their pound of flesh by projecting this squalid, sordid circle of exploitation across the whole Earth for everyone to see.

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@SmashTheState What would you say to LL or BS if you got the chance?

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@6rant6 I’d offer them an opportunity to be real for a while. As an activist and organizer on the street, I have the great advantage of a life much earthier than most. It helps keep me rooted in reality. I don’t have much use for celebrities, but out of compassion I’d be willing to overlook it. They need to get their hands dirty and deal with the some real problems for a change to reforge that empathic, limbic connection with their fellow humans.

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Ha! I often thought that if Davy Jones ever laid eyes on me, he would be instantly mesmerized and want to spend the rest of his life with me. But then, I was only 12 years old.

In reality, celebrities don’t give a rat’s a** about anyone or their sob stories, special achievements, challenges or sage advice. They might help an individual or a charity now and again, but you have to remember that they have people contacting them by the hundreds all the time, wanting to get something from them or to give them something.

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