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My prostatectomy surgery is in two weeks. How should I best prepare for it?.

Asked by LuckyGuy (40713points) July 7th, 2009

The C/T and Bone scans showed no metastases. I selected a surgeon who uses the DaVinci machine. I am already doing Kegel exercises. I am keeping my weight at its normal healthy level. I’m in my mid 50’s in (what I thought was) perfect health.
I feel the clock is ticking but I don’t know what else to do. I’m open to advice. You can contact me privately if you don’t want the public to know. You won’t get points but you’d be helping a lot. My mind is in a bit of a jumble now.

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good luck to you.

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I’ve been through 14 surgeries in my life and outside of what you are already doing, you need to find a way to not fixate on the surgery. I know that it is hard not to think about it; however, you will stress yourself out, completely, at the rate you are going, you will make yourself sick.

Outside of what your doctor and surgeon recommend, you are doing what you can. Just make sure everyone knows what types of daily meds you take – especially if you take anything that is a blood thinner, they might need you to wean off of certain medications. same goes for other things, list everything and the dosages!

Oh, after the surgery, listen to your doctor about the recovery. I am a horrible patient, hard-headed and have made things worse, because I did not listen. I have made my pain worse by rushing things. Also, keep in mind that pain killers are there for a reason. Stay ahead of the pain, don’t let it build up to a point where you are miserable. If you are fighting pain, you are not resting like you should.

I’ve been through brain surgery, heart surgery, female surgery and everything else under the sun. Two weeks ago, I went through foot surgery. I’m still recovering. Yet again, I’ve made things harder than necessary; however, I stopped before it got out of hand and rested. My family really appreciated me finally agreeing to listen. Don’t be stubborn! :)

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I would recommend going to see a hypnotherapist to set you at peace for surgery

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I do not have any advice to offer, but I hope that the surgery goes well. I will send positive energy to you.

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Hang in there. I hope it goes well for you. Follow your doctor’s advice, and be kind to yourself. The hardest part is leading up to the surgery. Focus on how lucky and positive it is that it was caught in time.

After the surgery’s over, you’ll be working towards recovery, and each day will get a little better.

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I was changing life insurance companies and the company required a routine blood test. My weight, cholesterol, BP, sugar .. everything was perfect but my PSA was 18 and they rejected me with advice to see my physician. That started it all. Two weeks later it was 22. Two weeks after that it was 23. The urologist did a biopsy and here I am. Everything is happening quickly. Should I be working out? (if you know what I mean) I only have 14 days left. Seems incredible. I’m perfectly healthy, everything works, I feel fine. Guys get your PSA checked.
I was hoping somebody who went through it would know. But this is not something to talk about in public I guess. Although I have noticed people discuss almost everything here.

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@worriedguy – I’m a cancer patient – leukemia patient (chronic form of leukemia) believe me, if you doctor is fine with you “working out” out! ;)

I’m sorry, I know there is nothing to say to truly ease nerves, be glad that you caught it and be very glad that it hasn’t spread. You’ll be in my thoughts.

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@worriedguy Welcome to the collective. I am sorry there is no one on here who seems to have had your experience. I did some reading, and I certainly understand this issue better now and why you are worried.

You have excellent news that the cancer appears not to have spread. I found this reassuring: “In half or more of patients the cancer is detected at an early stage and treatment is successful for nine out of ten of these cases.”

Please take care of yourself. Sometimes when I have faced scary medical situations, I have found it helpful to write down all of the special moments I have had in my life and to cherish them again.

I have also found it very helpful to make sure, just in case, that I have left nothing unsaid with people I love. That has given me a kind of comfort.

Keep talking to us via questions.

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Thanks Marina. I have no doubt I will be ok. The stupid, vain thing that bothers me the most is knowing I have a limited number of days to have normal sexual relations. I know I will still be a man with it, but still,... I’m married, 2 grown kids, healthy. I know in the big scheme of things I am fortunate.

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@worriedguy, while the worry won’t go away, why not surprise your wife with a romantic spur of the moment weekend away somewhere? The planning will be a nice distraction, and you could both probably use some time alone together, away from interruptions and in a different setting?

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with a light and wholesome diet – good quality fruit and veg, plenty of water between meals,

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@worriedguy I’m glad you brought that up. I didn’t want to mention it first. As a woman, this is not something that I feel qualified to speak on since I know the male perspective is very, very different. (You might search to see if the question has been posted on here before or ask one specifically about that of the guys.)

If the woman’s perspective helps, a woman who loves her man will not be put off byu this at all. It is a way to embrace creativity.

In the time until, I love @PandoraBoxx‘s idea. What about a second honeymoon before your surgery?

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Great idea! I’d better get moving. We only have two weekends left.

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An oncologist recently told me that complications rates for erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence are about 2% with a good surgeon. There is definitely the risk that you will be in that 2%, but the odds are definitely in your favor. Best of luck with the procedure.

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I went with the DaVinci machine. I’m catheterized, got a bag at my side,. in pain but at least the procedure is over. Let’s hope I’m in the 98% group.

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Oh and my wife and I made sure that prostate was darned near empty when I went in.

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I am so glad you made it through OK. Please let us know how you progress.

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Congratulations on the surgery. I wish you the best in your recovery.

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I’m doing fine so far. Of course, the only relations I’m having now are with a catheter bag.

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@worriedguy Yuck! When will get that out? A date you can mark on your calendar for a celebration.

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[Deleted by worriedguy]

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I’m not Worried any more!

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