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The Fluther group on Facebook; what's your real name?

Asked by Jude (32162points) July 7th, 2009

A question similar to this one was posted over a year ago. I just now found the Fluther User group on Facebook and was wondering for those of you who are apart of the group, could you share your real name? You know, to put a face to a name..

Mine: Jennifer Melanson.

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There’s a Fluther Facebook group? Link, por favor?

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What @Grisaille said!! Link please!

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That is so cool! I totally just joined!

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As did I.

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Just joined…. ! :-)

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(Name’s Lucas Zen Hannon, for those nosey.)

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nice guns certainly dont wanna fk with u

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Sandy… why so serious?


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@jmah I was wondering who the hell you were. I thought you were a creepy friend of @eponymoushipster lol

I don’t want people befriending me on facebook, so I’d rather not give out my full name.

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@casheroo Haha, no, not a creepy friend here.

I totally understand. :)

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@Grisaille Was a face pack that ended up on my face , blame my wife for that one

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If I ever meet her, I’ll be sure to.

As for the whole befriending business, I don’t mind. As long as you don’t fill up my homepage with B.S. quizzes, horoscopes and what have you. I can’t stand that crap.

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I hate when people ask you to take there quiz to see how well you know them , or them damn movie things and mafia wars .
Games is what consoles are for not FB .

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Not gonna happen. I post wayyy too much personal shit here, plus I don’t need any more stalkers. It’s a nice idea though.

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You guys are wiggidy-wiggidy-wiggidy wack.

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@La_chica_gomela is absolutely right that it’s very important to protect yourself online.
Seemingly innocuous details about yourself can often give away more detail than you originally wanted to.

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I found two fluther groups through fb and didn’t know which was which so I just deleted. I’m not comfortable yet to announce myself to the general fluther collective. I really enjoy the privacy features of facebook though.

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Nah, think I’ll pass on this. Those who know me & I have formed a close friendship with know who I am. That’s enough for me.

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People use their real names on Facebook?

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Though, I never understood why you’d join Facebook and shelter details from everyone else. I understand the need keep certain things secret – but why don’t you just choose to not include them on your profile?

I’m not knocking you for you choice to keep certain things secret, I’m really not. But the anonymity of the internet is both gone and stronger than ever. If someone really did want to track you down, find out who you are and whatnot, they can easily do so. With or without Facebook.

Maybe I just assumed Fluther was more a social site – one that catered to those who have a thirst for knowledge. I felt that the communal aspect was it’s strongest feature. It’s just a bit surprising to see people… afraid? Afraid of what people might think, afraid that they may stalk them, afraid that their presence they’ve built up might be shattered if someone saw their profile.

I dunno. Correct me on this.

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@daloon I do. It’s easier for friends to find me that way, but then… I do here too.

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@daloon I understand the concept of using your real name on FB. After all, that’s what the main purpose of it is…finding people you know. No one’s going to find me by typing in jbfletcherfan. You have to know my name in order to find me.

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@Grisaille: fluther says it’s not a social site
The beauty of fb is having your real name (optional picture) so people who you might want to find you can see your real name, send a message and find out if you’re the right you and if you want to reciprocate their contact.

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Right. Again, ain’t blaming you.

But I’ll be damned if I haven’t met some of the nicest, most personable people on here. Fluther – regardless of its aim or intent – is a social Q&A site. If anything, I’m inclined to believe it’s the reason that many of the regulars log on every day.

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Awesome! Just joined. Jack Dill.

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@Grisaille: me too and I added them to my facebook :D
the Campfire (fluther chat) is pretty cool.

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Yeah, I’m on there now. Pretty empty :[

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I just joined this group also. It looks like a fine collection of individuals. =)

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I just joined – Chris Anne

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Iain Vandoucheberg…

I’ve already posted my flickr,, DA, and pleanty of other stuff here before so what the heck… the trick is, if you don’t want something about you seen on the internet, don’t post it.

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@cak, you’re gorgeous

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Hmmmm… I LURVE most of my fellow Flutherers, and wouldn’t mind sharing my more personal information with many of you. But Fluther is totally public, so anyone can link through from this page (and anywhere else it may be mentioned) to the Open (a.k.a. Public) FaceBook Fluther Group and get my full name. I wish there were a level of anonymity to FaceBook, where we could use a Username exclusively – like the different privacy levels….

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@jmah (blushing) thank you.

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It appears that I left my name out of my previous answer. It is Kyle Tolle.

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@jmah – I just found you! You are so pretty! :) love the hair!

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Curious as to how you saw me. I’m sure that my profile is private. =s lol

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@jmah – only a picture, not the entire profile. If you pull up the member list on the Fluther group, your name and picture is listed there; however, nothing else is available. (information wise)

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@cak The chica with the big guns?? That’s not me, lol!

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You’ll see it when you get there!

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I had to ask eponymoushipster who his creepy friend is! :) Glad to be your FB friend, Jennifer! But I’m still not giving out my real name.

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@jmah – I’ll PM you.

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I just joined too.. May Bravo

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I just joined :)
Elizabeth Ross

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@jmah before I remembered what your profile picture was, I thought “guns” meant boobs lol

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@Grisaille I don’t know if you’ve ever read anything I have written, but if you did, you might understand why I don’t want my family, coworkers, friends and neighbors to know various things about me. Facebook is useful, though, because I can share things like photos or have a place to connect with my fluther friends.

I’m sure that anyone who really wanted to could link my fluther self to my real self, but I prefer not to make it so terribly easy.

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Mirza Rahman

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To join or not to join, that is the question….

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@daloon Nah, I understand completely. I should have posed my above statement more as a question, and less abrasive.

I have read your stuff. I understand your concern.

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I realise that I have one of the lowest scores among those who answered this question… I’m entering the oldie space… Hoo-boy…

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@Saturated_Brain Don’t let the numbers fool you. I’ve only been here a month.

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@Facade, heh, sadly, the girls be lacking in the grandiose department..

you’re a looker, too, I must say.

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Well, I joined, but have now quit, because I’m not sure I want to make the connection between personal info here and my name that easy to make. I may rejoin soon.

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Joined. Now lets dance!

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Joined it!

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Facebook is so last year. I deleted my FB account months ago. I still have a MySpace, but I don’t use it, and my name on there isn’t anything even remotely close to zebras or Evelyn. It’s even farther out than that.

You want to know me, PM me, I’ll tell you whatever you want to know.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra. We want all the dirt on you. All of it! Enquiring Jellies need to know. I’ll PM you before too long. =)

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@jmah why thank you ;)

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Most of the people I know on FB use their real names because they’re promoting a business like I am or they want their friends and family to find them and stay connected. I just recently joined Fluther and I like it here and used my real name for branding. The pic is real too, lol. :-) I like the Q&A format here since interaction is always fun and I get to learn something new.

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I refuse to share my real name with you people.

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Just joined, as well. :)

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@hearkat you can put on your profile a name that is a search name only and then make your profile name that shows to the public a different one, so old friends might find you.

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i would hate to bring the world of “knowing” to my world of anonymity. i dont mention this site to people who know me in reality because i feel more or less able to express myself without the repercussions that i find when i attempt to discuss certain things with co-workers or friends (i.e. relationships, movies, politics, books, social issues, etc.) here on Fluther its a very refreshing and encouraging place that i find inspires rational debate versus the immature comebacks and illogical rebuttals one might receive from friends (although the one liners offered in some threads on Fluther are HILARIOUS). how can you grow or learn when you are kept from opening yourself completely and not fully expressing yourself in a (semi-) mature manner? I have met so many wonderful people through Fluther and i’m thankful for it. those who i have had the priviledge to chat with one-on-one know more about my personal life. however, like @hearkat mentioned in a post early in this thread, its nice to have a certain level of privacy even to the extent that is offered here on Fluther.

nothing against facebook tho

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