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Do you have any thoughts on the concept of collateral damage?

Asked by mammal (9431points) July 7th, 2009

If so called `terrorists’ want a break from terrorizing the `free world’ in order to pop home to see their wife, mum and the kids, or if they attend a wedding or funeral or other normal social function, should the whole town be leveled? or do you think this a dangerous military strategy?

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Can I have the source where you got this information?

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It’s a personal opinion statement posed as a question.

I’m still waiting on some sort of article where I can discuss it.

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Oh- I think by collateral damage mammal must be referring to the 2,752 innocent people killed in the world trade center on 9/11.

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Far be it from me to try to explain the machinations that go on in @mammal’s mind, but what I think he is referring to is the concept that terrorist targets can be killed when in the company of others (so-called collateral damage). For instance, if Osama Bin Laden visits his wife, and the US knows the exact time and place, is it legitimate to kill him along with his wife and kids? I say, yes, though a more precise killing (like hitting his car and driver) would be preferable.

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@shilolo Oh…

In that case, no.

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someone i work with, on occasion ,got back from a tour of Afghanistan and he said he witnessed a settlement being totally leveled by an American military strike. Maybe he is making it up, i’ll speak to him next time i see him. Maybe i’m making it up, maybe i didn’t read in the news that a drone aircraft missile strike killed 80 people at a funeral on the Pakistan border region.

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I suppose it is inconceivable that a group of terrorists congregated to mourn the passing of one of their own. Impossible, of course….terrorists don’t mourn anyone or anything, now do they?

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If you remember, King George stated on Sept 21, 2001, that “either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” So if those people weren’t watching TV that day, they are obviously un-American. Ergo they are with the terrorists.

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It seems to me that if what we’re upset about is the thousands of people that died when al-Qaeda felt like making a political point, then we are hypocrites if we don’t care about the people who die when we feel like making a political point.

Unless we’re to claim that 3000 American lives are more meaningful than a couple hundred non-American lives. That means we’re stupid jingoistic nationalists instead of hypocrites.

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