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Have you heard the news? 12:34:56 7 8 9?

Asked by YARNLADY (45021points) July 7th, 2009

A very important time and date. Do you enjoy number games?

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you’re missing the 2000 from the last number.

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I would like to know what that is…

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oh noes. that was the end of the world. we have all died.

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Well and the modern part of the world can rejoice on 7 August.
I love these kinds of dates. I always smile when I glance at a clock and the time shows 22:22, or another nice symmetry . Silly, huh?

20:02 on 20 02 2002 was my favorite so far. (Sorry, you guys yonder missed out on that one).

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Not on the West Coast yet, @ragingloli. We are still alive. It’s only 11:28 p.m. on July 7th here.

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Ah, crap. I missed it.

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…does that mean I’m dead?

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@Tink1113 12:34:56 7 8 9 = 12 midnight, 34 minutes, 56 seconds on 7 (july) 8 (200)9 in other words, exactly 12:34:56 on July 8, 2009 = 123456789

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Oh dang, thanks :)
It’s 12:05 am over here

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@YARNLADY…Technically, I guess it will happen twice, shortly after midnight and after noon (although if one uses military time, it will only occur after noon). About 25 minutes to go on the first one….I need a drink. See ya….wtf

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@whatthefluther Oh, yeah, I missed that part.

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So @Grisaille…you get another chance at it! Happens only once every thousand years! Enjoy! See ya….wtf

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Very true. Cool beans, I say.

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midnight? why not noon?
because “12 midnight, 34 minutes, 56 seconds” for me is 00:34:56

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@ragingloli….both actually, unless you prescribe to military time, then just noon….wtf

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well we don’t use am/pm in germany, but exclusively the 24 hour scale.

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@ragingloli….do you have 24 hours marked on your watches and clocks or have you gone completely digital?

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well the analogue clocks have 12 hours, i have to admit.
aaand we use the 12 hour scale in everyday language, but all the written times are 24. but never do we use am/pm

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yes, it those Swiss…always neutral on everything…

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…good chocolate, tho…

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The only trouble with that date is in England it’s 12:34:56 8 7 9

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oh, no…’s here…!?! Oh my…..............................................................

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@pezz Lucky you, you get it all over again on August 7.

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@whatthefluther We didn’t die!!

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@Tink1113…Speak for yourself…...wait, I guess you’re right. Phew!!! I had my lips locked with @sccrowell for several minutes, through it. Would have been a great way to go out. Wait, I think know of an even better way…..hey, @sccrowell, we are sleeping in til well after noon tomorrow….well, we won’t be sleeping at 12:34:56….I have another idea!!!
@Tink1113….hey, kid….check in with me around 1PM, or so…

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Yeah, the rest of the world is gonna have to wait til August. You guys are so silly, it makes so much more sense to have day month year… :P

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So when you say the date, do you say it “July 7, 2009,” or “7th of July, 2009?”

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In Korea it happened a day before it happened there. Whattyaknow .. the end of the world is just like Korea has always been… figures.

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Ha ha. I missed it this time around because I’m in the UK, and I’ll miss it again on August 7th because I’ll be in the US. :(

Oh well, I guess it means I’ll have to party extra hard on Pi Day this year

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