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What are some useful repeating calendar events?

Asked by round_pie (90points) January 4th, 2008

I use Google Calendar, which allows me to create events that repeat (every day, week, month, or year). I was thinking I could use this feature to remind myself of things, like family and friends’ birthdays every year. Do you have any other suggestions for helpful, periodic reminders?

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International Talk Like A Pirate Day, September 19th.

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you could put a reminder for changing the filter in your central heating and air…I think the recommended time period is every 2–3 months. you could also have a reminder for changing the batteries in your smoke detectors which is usually when the time changes.

these are things I never remember to do at the recommended times, but probably should.

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You can setup reminders like getting your car’s oil changed every 3 months, going to the dentist for your annual cleaning and checkup, when to apply fertilizer (spring, summer, fall) to your lawn if you have a house, reminders of when coupons or rebates expire, etc.

Good Luck!

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Car inspection (I forget that yearly), doc appts (like eye guy if you wear glasses), when to fight my annual appraisal on house, clean the chimney, empty septic tank…don’t forget my birthday – 12/31!

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Reminders to back up your computer.

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in addition to above…....

change your water filter (Brita, Pur, etc) if you have one

anniversaries – your own, your parents or kids, any couples you’re close with

anniversaries of someone’s death – just yesterday I called my grandmother to let her know I was thinking of her on the anniversary of my grandfather’s passing (I wrote it into my planner to remember)

– days that are often off work, some of which are easy to forget about (MLK, Presidents Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, Veteran’s Day, etc)
– ones to celebrate like Halloween, Day of the Dead, New Years Eve and Day, Thanksgiving, July 4th, St. Patrick’s, May Day, Valentine’s Day, Bastille Day, Chinese New Year, and other religious holidays that you and/or your friends or colleagues celebrate like Easter, Christmas, Hannukah, Yom Kippur, Ramadan (I personally like being aware of the ones I don’t observe because coworkers and relatives do, so then I’m not in as many awkward ignorant situations)

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This is not an annual thing, but I use my calendar to remind me of when my passport and driver’s license expire.

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Also, if you’re using GCal, you can subscribe to calendars that put things like holidays on your personal calendar.

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In addition to the above, “This Day in History”-type events of whatever interests you.

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