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What are some creative ways to destroy a laptop?

Asked by sap82 (704points) July 8th, 2009

I have a laptop that has been a pain in my side for about 3 years now. I have given some serious thought to launching it off my balcony, but I thought I would get some suggestion on what you would do with it.

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Buy a couple model rocket engines, attach them to the bottom, then launch it into orbit!

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Leftover fireworks come to mind.

I think it should be running an annoying application while it dies.

You could light it on fire from one side and see how long it continues to run. If there is a CD in it, that might be interesting to see what happens when the plastic around the drive melts with a spinning disk inside.

If you’re annoyed by some particular media (advertisement, TV show, music video…) you could have that playing while you slay it with a sledge hammer or whatever.

If you have (or find at a junk shop) an old microwave, you could try that on it (while running of course).

Strong magnets can have interesting effects on displays that can be fun to play with.

You can rig it to run various programs on an automated basis and then hide it somewhere. If there’s a place you could hook it up to power inside a ceiling or something, you could create a ghost, for instance.

Since it’s so annoying, you could give it to someone you’d like to imagine being frustrated by it.

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I’d do something like this.

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Sell it on Ebay

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Thermite , dry ice , oven or microwave .

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You could always give me it…..

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Also, you can pee on it

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Why do something like that? There are thousands of less fortunate people around the world who have nothing and would love to be able to afford a laptop, even one that is 3 years old and outdated by our standards. Donate it. Get a receipt. It’s tax deductible.

You’ll be doing a great thing by minimizing your carbon footprint and providing an opportunity for some poor family somewhere at the same time.

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Go out to the street and let people pay a nickle to kick it, punch it, stab it, shoot it, eat parts of it… you get the picture… you could make literally dozens of nickles this way.

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Remove all of the letters on the keyboard, and then put them back in a random order. Then give it to someone and watch them try to type something.

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I agree with @Deepness. Donation is a socially conscious decision if the computer is still usable.

If not, then go skeet shooting with it.

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Shoot it with a Mossberg 500 12 ga. with 3” Magnum #2 Turkey shot, from 15 yards.
You’ll vaporize it.
Make sure to take high speed videos and let us know if you post a link on Youtube.
Safety tip – Remove the Li-Ion battery first.
(I am assuming it is not worth giving to someone – bad hard drive, bad keyboard, loose display, of course)

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Call Letterman’s people. Maybe they still do Stupid Human Tricks with objects like useless laptops.

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Turn it into a piece of art, with a message painted on the screen and leave it at your favorite coffee shop…

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@Lupin; forget that; it’s Gatling time !

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@Jayne, this is much better, because the average person can do it. Knob Creek Machine Gun Shoot

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I repeatedly smashed my laptop onto the floor. It completely broke, but we had a warranty and they fixed it. Crazy.

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Install Windows on it.

Not very creative, but effective.

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smash it and spill coffee on it :P

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Take it i won’t get it then This is me to make me happy send one 3 year old laptop .

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Drop it in the cat’s water dish, as I did with my phone this evening. Otherwise, turn it over to my son. He’ll destroy it – he destroys everything electronic. She says sitting next to the dead computer that has her all important tax files on it.

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@darwin, oh no!

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