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When you're a guest at someone else's house, is it appropriate to pick up the phone if the host is busy?

Asked by Mtl_zack (6765points) July 8th, 2009
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Only if you ask “want me to get that?” and they say yes. I don’t think it’s something that should be done without permission.

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I second that.

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Or if they say “Can you get the phone for me?” Otherwise, leave it be and let the machine take it.

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I concur.

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And then, following @likeradar’s response, when answering the phone, identify yourself as a substitute for the host—don’t just say “hello” since it will not be the voice that is expected and will inevitably cause confusion.

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I agree with all except if I am a guest in a close family members home. If I was at my sister’s house or mother’s house, I would definitely pick up the phone. I think I would also answer the phone if my host’s were not at home. I would probably use the greeting “So and So residence, Jamie speaking”. But I’d definitely answer because it could be them trying to get a hold of me. Or it could be some kind of emergency.

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It’s appropriate if they tell you to pick it up, but since I don’t even answer my own phone I wouldn’t like to answer someone else phone

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Likeradar nailed it…now, if someone could teach my in-laws to think that way, I’d appreciate it, very much!

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@cak Interesting, I was just going to say if you are in your relatives house it would be OK, but with an acquaintance, you should ask first. It just reminds me yet again how lucky I ended up with such a wonderful family.

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@YARNLADY – My in-laws (a particular set, there are two – divorce…blah!) are the rudest people on the planet and they never relay a message, or they question you about a private matter. The last time this happened, my doctor’s office was calling about some lab results, my FIL tried to (many times) get them to give him the results, so he could deliver them. When he was told no, he told them how rude they were being towards him.


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