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Where did my back button go?

Asked by susanc (16122points) January 4th, 2008

I’m using Safari. A week or so ago the “buttons” for going back to the last screen/forward to the next screen disappeared from the menu at the top of the main screen. I can’t find anything to address this in Preferences. What the heck?

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There’s a “customize” button that allows you to adjust the contents of the top of the window. There’s an obscure key + mouse button combination that lets you adjust the contents of that area without opening the “customize” mode—I got rid of the address bar by accident that way, and was completely baffled myself.

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On my Mac/ Safari, you go to VIEW——>customize tool bar——> and there they are. I can find no keyboard short cuts.

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If you are on a mac laptop you can right click my “ctrl + mouse click” and select customize, if you want a more complicated but useful method go into system preferences (in your dock, or the menu bar/apple), select keyboard and mouse, select trackpad, and turn on two finger secondary click option. Now you can use right click by placing two fingers on the pad and clicking!

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THANK YOU ALL! I tried Gail’s first because it looked easiest and it worked instantly.
Who knew?

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Susan: that is because I am so tech savvy. Who knew, indeed?

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