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Do you think Fluther allows you to ask questions about how it chooses which questions to publish?

Asked by Rsam (586points) July 8th, 2009
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[mod says] Have you looked at the Fluther faq yet? Try that and then contact the site moderators and owners.

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this misses the point. im asking the “collective” what they think. ive tried to put further details about whats going on, but Fluther keeps blocking me.

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The guidelines determine what will be published.

As @shilolo says the answers are all in the facts and guidelines for posting.

The guidelines are what makes this site unique and interesting.

Just as a recap:
Questions that do not meet the guidelines are flagged by other members which brings them to the attention of the Mods who compare the question to the guidelines. If the question does not meet the guidelines it is removed.

If you have an issue with moderation use the contact form.

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I think Fluther moderators and respondents are sick to death over moderation drama, and are happy to see metaquestions about moderation silenced.

I know I am.

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Your questtion, even when edited still had an air of “troll” to it. No good conversations come out of the type of discussion you tried to initiate. That would be my guess as to why you were modded twice.

@cwilbur: Excellent point. Lurve!

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[mod says] As I explained when I moderated your question about why your question was moderated, the appropriate venue for discussion would be the moderation team, the site manager, or the site owners.

This is a privately owned site and operates on the principals that the owners have implemented. If you have issue with those principals, please address them through the proper channels.

I think that you will find a great number of members who will attest to moderators approaching issues with the proper gravitas, to augustlan going above and beyond in her duties as manager, and Bendrew being receptive and serious about concerns about how the site operates.

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@syz: As a throwback to the 90’s would say: Oh, snap!

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Fluther does allow us to ask questions concerning the moderation process. This question is still here and if you search or look at the sibling questions you’ll see others. I do think it would be helpful to have a way of knowing who the mods are, especially for people that are new to Fluther.

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“sick to death over moderation drama, and are happy to see metaquestions about moderation silenced.”

so. i guess great discussion about the site as a whole, and how it operates, is more terrifying than valuable? Im asking. honestly. not in a troll fashion.


i dont have the exact text handy, but i do believe in my details section i specfically said i only wanted to open discussion. i was interested in hearing theological arguments to reconcile certain aspects of the bible. not in slamming them. sorry you disagreed.

and lastly, my goal with this question, and the one moderators have barred is not to “reconcile the issue with the team”. its to see what the collective thinks. i’m pretty sure thats the point of this website and generating a “great discussion” was my point.

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I wasn’t aware that Fluther chose which questions to publish. I thought that if a question was well written, wasn’t troll-like and met all of Fluther’s guidelines for questions, that it would be published. That’s my experience anyway.

@Rsam, your question was designed to provoke great discussion about the site as a whole? Well, as much as I know for a fact that BenDrew listens to Flutherers and their opinions, the fact remains that they own the site, they created the guidelines, and they ask moderators to follow those guidelines when reviewing posts.

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@Rsam: Not terrifying. Just boring, and tired, and the people who make the most fuss about it are the ones with the largest axes to grind.

We’re also collectively sick to death of Bible-bashing, Christian-bashing, and atheist-bashing, and your questions were just more of the same. If you want to know what people think about that, for fuck’s sake search the archives—it’s been done to death.

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So this is a meta-meta-question? xD

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Yes they are, but ridiculous trolly mcflamebait™ questions aren’t.

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for now, i’ll retire this. the majority of responses here are honestly more flaming against me than my edited question was, let alone any of my responses. i earnestly enjoy this site and was surprised by the blocking of a potential discussion, and then further surprised when i wanted to open discussion about that blocking, but was then blocked on that as well.

clearly this is a touchy area for the mods here, and id rather not risk my membership for it.

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To what purpose is this question? Is it, like others before it, an attempt to campaign to weaken the guidelines and rules?

So I ask:

If one is visiting a foreign country would one have a better time by learning the new customs and acclimating to the culture or by seeking out all the differences and trying to change the country?

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@jonsblond: Check the faq. There’s a list of moderators in there.

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@andrew Thank you. It’s been a while since I have needed to check.

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