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Career choice: Is this pointless and or slightly suicidal?

Asked by veronasgirl (1765points) July 8th, 2009

I am going to be a Senior in college and will be spending an extra year there anyway. I am getting my art teacher certification. My problem is that, I would also really like to get Elementary Ed certified. I just want to know what the rest of the Fluther community thinks. I already have most of my required art classes completed, and all of my basic requirements, and some of my art certification requirements overlap the Elementary Ed requirements.
Is this a waste of my time? More work than it’s worth? Should I just pick an area to specialize in and let the other go? I know this would be A LOT of work, I’m not afraid of that, I just don’t want to waste any more time and money.

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> My problem is that, I would also really like to get Elementary Ed certified.

I don’t see a dilemma here. Can you explain why you think it’s a problem?

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It’s taken me most of my three years of college to decide that I wanted to pursue Art Education. And now that I have decided, it will require five years of college. That is a lot of money. And my parents are loaning me the money (Their retirement money). I feel guilty wanting to spend MORE money on a certification I may not need or use.

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I’m sort of confused as to what the issue is. You’ll be graduating in a year with Art Education? But want a different major instead?
If you know you want to do Art Education, then finish school and start your career, so you can pay for when you go back and do the Elementary Ed classes. Don’t put more burden on your parents, when you won’t be using it to earn any money. You can always go back to school.

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do it. you’ll make yourself a bigger asset to future employers since you have knowledge in two areas.
don’t wait until later.
you won’t have either time or money.
you’re still young, what’s the rush?

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Will you be happier if you get both certifications? Will it make a difference to the quality of your life? What will be the difference in cost, in time and money, between getting one and getting both?

I’d be inclined to say go for both; if you’re concerned about the cost, finish your fifth year with as much of the certification as you can complete, and then take the rest as night classes after you have graduated.

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I believe you should follow your dreams BUT have a solid backup minor.
The arts are being cut out of schools right and left due to the economy. I have a friend who is a jr high art teacher who is now working at Starbucks.

Find a solid backup and do both.

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More certification is a good thing. It makes it easier to find jobs

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I’d go a step farther and get a certification in Special Ed. Find out from your state board of education what the requirements are. Schools are always looking for Special Ed teachers, even when they are cutting back on other programs.

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Talk with your parents and make sure that they can afford to loan you the money. If they can, and you really want to get an additional certification in Elementary Ed., I can’t see why not. If they can’t afford to loan you the money now, then that kind of answers that question.

A loan is just that, you will be giving them the money back. So, it really is for you to decide it you want to spend the money getting this additional education or not. Obviously, having the credential is never going to hurt you, and as jobs are whackie lately, this extra credential could serve you in good stead, if Art Ed. jobs are not available when you need them.

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I would say that if elementary ed is where your heart is, then go for it! That will just make you more marketable to potential employers.

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The practical view: elem ed jobs are insanely hard to get, as are art ed jobs. So you’re not going to be improving your job prospects greatly or anything.

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I would go on and get the certification you want now. Yes, it’s more money and time, but it’ll make you look better to employers. In this economy, you need all the help you can get to secure a good job.

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There are some orgainzations that will actually pay students a grant to get certified. Check with the financial aid department and make sure you are not overlooking an opportunity to receive a scholarship toward your goal.

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Hmm, I know what you’re saying and I feel for you. I don’t know much about the school systems and whatr’s being cut or not cut or anything about tuition stuff. I can only speak from an entrepreneurial point of view. Is there a way you could combine your art knowledge and expertise with special ed students to create a service of teaching to both on your own? Like offering classes yourself for a fair cost.

The idea would be, what about a community college or junior college that could be a place for you to offer art classes to special ed students or any students? This could be done a couple nights a week like a seminar type thing.

If you did something small on your own with the education you will have completed, this could generate extra money to go back and get focus on getting the other certificate. Then not only do you have the money to do it, you’ll have the expereince behind you AND 2 certificates in your portfolio to present to an employer that sees you in demand or just keep going with what you’ve created already.

I know this sounds confusing, lol, and I apologize, sometimes my words can’t convey my mental pictures very well. I’m just hoping I can spark a few ideas for you to consider. All I know is that when you’re providing a service yourself rather than an employer, you have more leeway to put your heart and desires into it without all the political red tape like some schools and employers have.

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