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How long does it typically take for a background check to go through?

Asked by essieness (7698points) July 8th, 2009

My new employer wanted a background check before making an official offer. The interview process was finished on June 26, which was a Friday. I’m assuming they sent the background check request on the following Monday, June 29th. Based on that assumption, it’s been a week and 2 days.

Anybody have any idea when I can expect the background check to come back?

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Considering there was a holiday involved, I don’t think you should worry. Here is one source:

“How Long Does An Employment
Background Check Take?

Most reports are completed in one to three business days. However, results can be delayed for several reasons. The most common reason for delay is carelessness in filling out the Employee Background Check Request Form, the Applicant Authorization and Release Form, and the Job Application. Next, results are gathered from multiple sources, and a few courts, employers, and schools can be hard to contact or are slow to respond. Results from these sources are usually back within a week.”

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If the background check includes a criminal background check, then it can be instant. At least it was for me, when I applied for it online. But, I think it’s different for companies, because they send off for it, and may do more. Plus, there was a holiday, so I’d expect it to take longer for them to get back to me.

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It all depends on what his company includes in their background check. If he’s looking for past job references and those people are on vacation, it can take long. I also suspect most, if not all of the company’s requests will have to be in writing which can slow the process.

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Update: I just got a call that it went through and have been officially offered the job!

Thanks for your answers. I get so worked up sometimes :)

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Hurray, @essieness! Hurray, hurray, hurray! Congratulations!

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@Jeruba Thanks, Jeruba!

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Congratulations, essiness!

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So, to answer your question, one week and two days.

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