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Where can I buy a really elegant computer case?

Asked by richardhenry (12651points) January 4th, 2008

Any suggestions? I am willing to pay up to £130 ($260).

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What do you mean by “case”? How much protection do you want?

Etsy has some great home-made stuff that’s very unique; I also have two computer bags by Highway—they’re amazing.

I’m not sure if they have them in the UK, but check out Flight001. They’re my favorite store and have the most amazing bags.

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My apologies! I mean ATX tower cases for actually building your own computer, not laptop bags. I didnt make that very clear, sorry. I’m enjoying some of those bags though.

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Depends on what you’re really looking for. If you want something elegant, sleek, and simple, you may want to direct yourself to a Lian-Li or SilverStone case. Thermaltake also makes some pretty nice cases but some of them tend to be a little more out there… maybe not the elegant that you’re looking for. Personally I’m a fan of the NZXT case line.

Just run a search for distributors in your area (I’m assuming you’re in the UK, so I probably won’t be of too much help there).

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Back in the day, when I used to build towers, I used Lian-Li’s exclusively.

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