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Looking forward to shark week?

Asked by jamielynn2328 (4737points) July 8th, 2009

My kids and I traveled to the Pittsburgh aquarium, about 5 hours away just to see their sand tiger sharks up close. It was well worth it, I have loved shark week on the discovery channel every since I can remember and I now enjoy it as a family activity with my children. It starts August 2nd, Just wondered if anyone else feels obsessed about the sharks?

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It seems like its always shark week on Discovery.
Fascinating creatures.

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I can take it or leave it. Sharks=eating machines.

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Shark Week is a family tradition!

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I AM a shark.

To answer the question, I’m not obsessed. I’ll watch it if I happen to catch it on TV, but I won’t come home to see it or record it or anything.

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Poor sharks. I don’t mind the educational programs, but the melodramatic “man vs eating machine” crap kills me. We slaughter them for their fins (some estimate 100 million a year) and then get upset that a handful of people are attacked each year when they enter the shark’s territory?

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Props, syz. Great Answer. <3

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@syz – lurve!

We are fascinated by sharks, but not obsessed, by any means. My son (6) loves them, he thinks they are beautiful. My daughter and I spent a weekend with Girl Scouts and were able to learn a lot about sharks through an oceanography and marine biology program. It’s amazing how little we really know about them, considering how long they’ve been on the planet!

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I prefer Loan Shark Week on the Crime Channel.

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Finally, a tribute marathon, richly deserved and long overdue. I know what I’ll be doing when this airs…

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Oh, yes! I will be at the beach when it airs!

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I enjoyed it the first year. I prefer MonsterQuest now.

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Looking forward to it? Not exactly. To get my shark fix, I usually watch the original Jaws movie and that keeps me satisfied until I find another reason not to go in the ocean. Of course, shark week does air on Discovery Channel which is one of my favorite television programs so I might have to break down and watch it.

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My son loves shark week, but my husband is hooked on mixed martial arts, so I foresee a conflict developing.

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@Darwin. I have a solution. Two televisions.

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or record one with the vcr and watch the other on tv

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@Bluefreedom For a variety of important reasons, no.

@ragingloli No VCR – my son destroyed it, part of the reason for only one television.

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@Darwin. Okay then. Just trying to be helpful.

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@Bluefreedom Want a free teenage boy? He’s bipolar but cute when asleep.

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@Darwin. That offer sounds incredibly gracious and while I’m very tempted to say yes, I’m afraid that my spouse would probably be disinclined to welcome a new family member into the hive at the present time. If something changes, I’ll let you know posthaste.

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@Bluefreedom He comes with full coverage by Tricare, for what it’s worth.

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@Darwin. Us military folk are covered by Tricare anyway so now he’d be twice as protected. That’s a very good thing in today’s day and age.

I wonder why the mods haven’t disciplined us yet for being so off topic for our last several responses here. Maybe it’s the calm before the storm? =)

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@Bluefreedom most of them are sleeping right now ;)

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@uberbatman. I wonder if I’ll be on their hit list come tomorrow. Time to go into inconspicuous mode.

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yeah, right, something every jelly looks forward to…........being eaten by a shark.

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i’ve never watched shark week, but i think sharks are awesome. and if shark week involves showing that sharks are animals just like any other, who hunt their food to survive, and not just because they’re dbags, i’m down with that.

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Shark week is the best!!! Im a huge fan of great whites.. i love those giants!!!

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@tiffyandthewall I am fascinated about sharks along with a lot of other people because of their potential to be dangerous. Shark week is handled very well, with so many people that love sharks. Of course they show shark attack stories but they also educate about the harvesting of shark fins, the real statistics on shark attacks and their intelligence as a species.

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Im so amazed by sharks… the way they hunt, and the way they can smell a single drop of blood miles away! Plus, they’ve been around for a long time.. we have to respect them.

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…so come to find out, we can’t watch shark week this year. We watch it as a family every year. This year I am taking my children to see the ocean for the first time. We leave the 8th and I don’t think making them watch shark week for six days before they go swim in the ocean would be a very kind thing to do.

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Yes,I remember looking forward to it very much! But, there was a bit of a downside on I think it was 2009’s shark week. My Uncle was on it, Randy Fry, and seeing the story told of his death again was heartbreaking.

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