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Is it bad to eat eggs raw?

Asked by RandomMrdan (7436points) July 8th, 2009

I’ve heard good and bad about it. This morning I mixed in 4 raw eggs into a shake mix for an afterwork out protein drink.

I didn’t taste much difference to be honest. Just curious to know if there were any negative effects something like this might have if I ate it daily.

What are some positive effects this would have?

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there is the increased danger of salmonella poisoning, but apart from that, it should not be a problem. egg liquor is made from raw eggs

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Raw or undercooked eggs can give you salmonella (very nasty).

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any positives?

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There are so many better things to put into a shake then raw eggs. Put a banana in there.. an apple.. an orange.. ANYTHING…. the positive side of raw egg eating is pretty negligible when unbalanced by the possibility of getting salmonella poisoning.

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I’m looking for high protein shakes, it’s why I put in Eggs…isn’t the risk of Salmonella pretty low? Like very very low?

What would give an equal amount of protein in my shake that eggs give?

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nope. watch sylvester stallone in “rocky.”

closest i’ve come to that is eggs for breakfast “over easy.”
actually very good. lots of protein…

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Raw egg yolks the un developed chick is bad for young old and pregnant people, i have never in my time had any problems with eating(drinking) raw yolk . It is the white most if not eveyone has a job swallowing raw.

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They put it in Caesar salad all the time.

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I do it all the time when eating Japanese Natto. I’m still aliv…

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There’s some other things for smoothies that will add protien:
silken tofu
protein powder (soy or whey-based)
peanut butter
yogurt also has some protein

You can also buy pasteurized eggs at some grocery stores. Then you can add them to your smoothies without worrying about salmonella.

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When I was a kid we always made Egg nogg. Basically in a blender chocolate milk mixed with a raw egg.

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I used to put it in Caesar salad, and also with egg nog. Also, the fun of eating raw cookie dough (home made). Ah, the good old days are gone.

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There are pasteurized whole (in shell) eggs that would reduce the risks I think.

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High protein instead of raw eggs? Blend in a raw Porterhouse…that ought to do it! See ya…

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As others have said, you should use pasteurized eggs in order to avoid the potential for salmonella. You could also simply add protein powder like that Myoplex stuff @NaturalMineralWater cites. There are also some forms of milk that have extra protein in them – one such brand is Mootopia, which is high protein and lactose-free. Or you could also eat some sliced turkey or chicken breast when you drink your shake.

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It also depends on where your eggs come from. If you raise some chickens and they have been raised in a healthy environment with the right food and vet care their eggs should be okay. It’s only when they are raised in factories (chicken concentration camps) that disease runs rampant. In a futile attempt to control disease, they are also fed antibiotics which are passed on to us and make humans more antobiotic-resistant.

And don’t forget the hormones they are given to make them fatten up faster which are also passed on to humans and cause puberty earlier and contribute to obesity.

Salmonella is playing Russian roulette but the hormones and antibiotics are sure things.

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Once upon a time raw eggs were safe enough, most people kept hens (that was a long time ago). Not now. Salmonella is one of the more unpleasant ways to die.

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I got some good eggs that are supposedly from a cage free environment. And I just made probably one of my best tasting protein shakes:

2 Eggs with the Omega 3 and 6 and Low Cholesterol
1 Cup of Milk
½ a Banana
Strawberry Whey Protein mix
and 2 tablespoons of Peanut Butter


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Oh, I believe you, I believe you. But every Christmas, when I drink my eggnog, well fortified with rum, I am sure that I am taking my life in my hands.

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@bea2345 – If you put enough rum in the eggnog, then you will probably feel just fine (and won’t get sick from the eggs at least).

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I shall remember that :)

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a friend showed me this. As an alternative to actual Eggs. I think I might try some of it, though it’s a bit more expensive.

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i eat raw eggs for years once a day still here lmao

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@Kristal69 Did you ever have a minor GI problem unrelated to an identifiable disease? That may have been your raw egg.

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it is bad if
(A) You are allergic
(B) The eggs are from unhappy chickens in a bad enviroment
(eg. cages too small to spread their wings).... this is where most eggs are from…
So unless you have a local source that has healthy chickens, i wouldn’t eat eggs at all…

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