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What's so special about a Mac?

Asked by Tink (8673points) July 8th, 2009 from iPhone

How is it different than a Pc?

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@eambos Dude you made me feel stupid…

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I understand all of my points could go off as flamebait, or one sided. That’s not my goal here.

Perks of macs:
It’s pretty
Can run windows
iLife, or iApps
Excellent for coding, web design, and anything in between
Syncs all aspects of computer with iPhone, iTouch
Comes with excellent apps right out of the box
No bloatware out of the box
Less you have to buy after purchase, like antivirus software
Excellent developer community, tons of free and open source software
Light and portable

Issues I have with macs:
Not that many games
Pricey, but for a reason
Not great at running windows
Not extremely customizable for beginners, or at first glance
Assumptions people make about you when sitting in coffee shops with one

Why I own a Mac:
Main reason. If my computer got a virus, my productivity would decrease, and I would stay longer at school just typing my assignments. For a student who needs his computer all the time, I can’t afford to skimp on security.
It’s really portable
Which is important when you are out of the house for 9 hours a day with only a laptop bag to carry it in.
I got mine for 800$. So much for pricey.
It’s pretty

Now don’t get me wrong, both Mac and most versions of Windows are excellent OS’s. I think Windows 7 will be a great operating system. I just like the vibe that Mac gives off more than the vibe windows gives off. And for that reason I don’t want to argue with either Linux or Windows users; my computer is a personal decision, and I’m sure yours is too. No need to force that on others.

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@dverhey How can a Mac be pretty? It’s just a computer So a Mac is for people in web design and stuff like that?

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I think when I had a Mac at one of my jobs years ago it did not have a backspace or a right click, I HATED that. Does it have those now?

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The Mac is pretty.

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It’s always had backspace and right click. At least OSX has. That may be your problem. It’s not automatically set, though, and that’s stupid.

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Oh man, so a Mac is just a laptop??? I thought it was a computer. I think I confused it with a Leopard, but still I wanna know…

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@dverhey or maybe it did not have delete? One of those.

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No. Apple makes a large line of computers. Like the iMac, Mac Mini and Mac Pro. Those are Apple’s desktops, plus the MacBook, MacBook Pro, and the MacBook Air, their Laptops.

And for your information Apple makes Macs, Leopard, iTouches, iPhones, and about anything with “i” in front of it.

Whether it has delete depends on if it’s a laptop or desktop. Laptops do not have a dedicated delete key, but command-delete performs the same function.

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Hmm thanks, now I need to go marry one of the guys that works at an Apple store, them and their technical knowledge…

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And Apple’s “It just works” motto is bullshit. PC’s “Just work” too. Just not quite as long, in my findings.

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People who use Macs = artists, soundboard monkeys, smart but cocky businessmen, 5-year-olds who like to take funny pictures of themselves.

People who use PCs = average Joe’s, retarded but legit businessmen, accountants, 5-year-olds that like to play games on their computers.

Basic PC and Mac population summarization right there, I believe.

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I always look at my last 50 Macs I have purchased over 20 years perhaps in a different light than most. (includes those of my staff). At the present time we have 2 PC’s and 10 MACs. The Macs cost much more but generate 10 times as much income as the PC’s, thus are productive investments. They also last longer and are essential to the success of my business. The PC is just a necessary platform I use on occasion. I think the MAC is a superior device in every way, but I understand for many they are overkill…but they just roll on and on. MY own personal Macbook Pro is the finest laptop I have ever owned, an incredibly flexible kickass machine. Like driving a Mercedes.

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I tried a Mac before I got my PC. Macs are like Fords, I would never own one. Not my type of machine. If you are a Macphile, good for you, but its PC for me all the way.

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Macs are just swell. I’m an Apple fanboy and my name is ____. Yes, it’s that bad. I’m glued to my screen every keynote.

PC users do nothing but speak of gigahertz and gigabytes and “need to upgrade this and that”. Most PC users that I know seem to like that tech talk as it appears to make them feel “smart”.

I was the same up until 5 years ago when I made the switch. I purchased the cheapest MacBook at the time. Lowest in specs across their notebook line. Never had a problem. Never slowed down even with 10 apps running. Quick to boot. App load times were swift. User interface is neat and programs for Macs tend to be designed to be user friendly with lower learning curves so the end user can just get on with their work rather than spend untold amounts of wasted time trying to figure out how to navigate through the software.

I saw the light. I’m never going back.

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@Tink1113 – Don’t let eambos make you feel stupid. The first two links of his WAY over used link went to other sites like this one. It wasn’t a very nice way to answer your question.

Macs and PCs are both fine computers. I have and use both and have for years.

Macs are put together by Apple, the same people who provide the operating system that goes on them. This affords a much much more stable environment. I prefer Mac because my preference is to focus on programs and using them to create the product. I have not had a Mac crash on my in 9 years.

PC’s are computers put together from all different parts from all different makers. Windows, the operating system that is usually on them, has to contend with all the different elements that go along with interacting with those parts. PCs are also great if you want to tweak the hell out of every single element of your computer. But you need the same amount of expertise that dverhey alluded to with regard to being able to tweak Mac’s to tweak PC’s and not screw EVERYthing up.

I agree with dverhey, Windows 7 looks very promising. I put a beta of it on a 7 year old laptop and it ran like lightning.

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You can still do more with a PC without having to take a loan.

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@pezz – no doubt about that

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Certainly, and in that respect PC’s serve different people. I’m not going to go into the price comparison, because it’s been done before, but I will say that I got my mac for 800$. After doing tons of research on PC’s and mac’s with the price as one of the important points.

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