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Have any of you had UFO experiences/encounters?

Asked by DominicX (28777points) July 8th, 2009

UFOs happen to be something I’m very interested in. I know there have been several questions on ghosts and the existence of them, but the thing about UFOs is that they do exist; there are unidentified flying objects, but whether or not they are alien is a different story.

I’m just wondering how many of you have ever seen a UFO or have had some kind of alien or UFO-related experience?

I was inspired to ask this by Unsolved Mysteries UFOs DVDs, especially the story of Frederick Valentich, who, while flying a small airplane, encountered a strange quick-moving aircraft before he disappeared never to be found.

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I’m very interested in this subject and can say that my conclusion is that we were NEVER visited by aliens. I believe every sighting is of a secret government project.

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well, kind of.
when i was in primary school, i saw a circular arrangement of 6 red lights fly slowly over the school.
some months ago I saw 2 constant orangel lights fly soundless in the sky. at some point they started to dim and then they vanished.

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By default, I’m a skeptic. I think it’s far more likely that something terrestrial is causing these things rather than extraterrestrial.

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I would say no, but.

After some reading and video watching, I was inspired to look more closely at the blank, blue sky one late afternoon and did see tiny, distant, firefly-like (or meteor shower-like), white flecks flitting about. I asked my girlfriend if she saw anything, and she said no. Next, I asked her of she saw something that looked like fireflies, and she did see them. Her vision isn’t the best, so take that and my suggestion how you will.

There’s lots of NASA video on YouTube that shows UFOs, FYI.

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During a biology class one day, we saw two triangular black chunks hanging in the sky. That’s really the only way I can describe them. They didn’t seem to be moving, and they didn’t really look like anything that would logically be in the air. I guess kites are a possibility, but you would think that they would be moving around in the wind. I don’t know, they were weird.

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I’ve had an encounter…in my dream it was awesome

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I wish.

Growing up near Area51 gave me many hopes.

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I really wish I could have an experience. But I won’t go out of my way (like travel to New Mexico or other “high volume” sites) just to have the opportunity.

Also, why do people assume that aliens have greater technology than us? Like, what if they’re just microbes or crab people who can’t wield a tool, further, build a transportation vehicle that can travel between solar systems.

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I’ve seen those orange orbs. I don’t think they’re aliens, but they are strange.

When I was about six years old I saw a flying saucer, clear as day. It came shooting out of the sky, hovered near a lamp post, then shot away. But I was six years old, so I can’t be sure it really happened.

And I’ve seen an assortment of things that look like satellites after it gets too dark to see satellites, just floating across the night sky.

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Here is the closest thing I’ve come to regarding a possible UFO sighting/experience in my life:

I’ve been in the Air Force for over 12 years now and in 1998, I went to Silver Flag Alpha (desert warfare training school) in Indian Springs, Nevada. For those that don’t know that location, it is outside of Nellis Air Force Base and adjacent to the Nevada Test Site which happens to encompass a piece of real estate known as ‘Area 51’.

It was a 2 week school back then and the final 3 days were spent in a mock forward location out in the desert away from the base proper. It was also within an ‘unspecified’ but somewhat close distance south of ‘Area 51’, also known as Dreamland or Groom Lake.

I was a squad leader with 3 team members and we were one of two mobile reserve teams on standby for emergency response situations. I believe it was around 8 or 9 o’clock at night and we were all clustered around our rally point laying down in an excavated pit looking up at the stars. Mind you, this was out in the desert without light pollution with clear skies and good visibility.

What we all witnessed, and we still can’t say to this day what it might have been, was a bright object high in the atmosphere (or maybe low earth orbit?) moving directly over the top of our AO (area of operations) at a fast pace. This object came to a halt over our location, expanded out into a very large corona of light for several seconds, collapsed again to it’s original small form and continued on in the same direction it was orginally headed. We never saw anything like it again for the remainder of the time we were at Indian Springs. We asked our instructors the next day (they work at Indian Springs year around) if they could interpret what we might have seen and if they’ve seen strange things also in the night skies around Indian Springs. A couple of instructors said they had seen strange things but they wouldn’t elaborate on anything and seemed hesitant to talk about it at all.

None of us would agree to the sighting as a UFO but we all knew that you can see a satellite with the naked eye in low earth orbit if the conditions were right and where we were, the visibility was excellent. The only problem is, satellites and other space vehicles don’t come to immediate stops like that. We ended up speculating that it might be some type of military satellite or even some military experiment but we never knew for sure. It was agreed that the object’s behavior and the whole incident itself was completely bizarre and eerie to say the least. I’ll never forget that night or that experience.

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I take UFO for exactly what it means, an object in the sky that cannot be identified…that being said yes I once saw a large(huge) black triangle floating in the sky that could not possibly be an airplane or helicopter. Alien spacecraft or miliatary experiment it was a UFO. I think there’s too much evidence to deny that there is something going on.

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Unpleasant Feminine Odor?
Nah. I’m a dude.

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Just a couple of weeks ago when I dropped in to visit my gramma, she was telling me about the aliens in her yard. She said a lot of nights there are blinky lights in the woods between her house and her neighbor’s and she watches them for a while until she gets bored and goes to sleep.

And then one time she said the motion lights on the side of her garage came on so she looked out the window and a very short Cookie Monster-looking thing was at the end of the porch and it ducked down and then popped its head up to look at her again before it disappeared for good.

Also, she had crop circles. lolomgwtf? There were weird marks on her lawn “like the kind you see on TV when they talk about aliens” and when the grass grew back it was darker. She said they were like that for a long time but the last time she mowed the yard, it was finally back to normal. “Crazy,” she said. I agreed.

I love her so much. She cracks me up. XD

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maybe you should stay over for a week with a camera

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I saw something while walking in the woods when I was about nine years old. To this day I cannot explain what it was, and it was definitely not anything I was normally used to. It looked like a giant two headed turtle with a swan-like neck (the neck was like a Y and had a head on each end) and a shell that was as smooth as an Army helmet, but about ten times bigger. It stood in the weeds, and when I stepped closer to check it out, the heads turned to face me as one, but there were no eyes or other features. It seemed intelligent, and it scared the fuck out of me. I remember taking off for home at a run, thinking it was after me. But then, I was a boy with a pretty vivid imagination, so who knows what I really saw?

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These are all interesting. I’m beginning to write a story that will involve a UFO sighting and these are a good source of inspiration.

My friend took this picture in his backyard of strips of dead grass in his back lawn that he called a “UFO landing site”:

Obviously, he wasn’t really being serious, but I find this to be very interesting. The lawn was always in bad condition, yes, but he said that one day he suddenly saw these perfect straight lines of dead grass in the lawn. No poison was used, nothing was left on the lawn; what the hell caused it?

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that grass looks pretty ordinary to me.

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There’s a tree over the lawn. When I came over and looked at it, the sun was shining in little patches over the lawn through the tree. Also, it’s in a wet area of the city and gets plenty of water.

The lawn looks different now, though. This picture was taken about a month or so ago.


You can’t see the weird stripes? There’s another picture that seems the show the letter “M” in dead grass farther off to the left of the “stripes”. Also, it doesn’t look like that anymore and it never looked like that before.

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@Bluefreedom…Report back to the base, at once! Your debriefing was obviously incomplete! Better bring your GPS and directions home…you won’t be remembering much of anything following this debriefing.

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@DominicX dang, that’s crazy!

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@whatthefluther. Yes sir! I’m enroute at this time. What do I do if men in black suits and dark sunglasses show up and tell me to look at a small, silver cylindrical object though?

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@Bluefreedom chances are it won’t be a neuralisator, but the barrel of a gun.

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I’m really surprised by all of the positive responses.

Also, check out “Ancient Aliens” on the History Channel.

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@ragingloli. Man, I’m really screwed. Wrong place at the wrong time and all that. It’s been good knowing you Jellies. I’ll see you on the other side.

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@Bluefreedom….Don’t sweat it. You know how good “they” are at selective memory removal, IF “they” have the time and patience. I mean its not like you spent your time in the hotbed of military test facilities out there in the desert, now, did you?

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@whatthefluther. I did not and your words of wisdom have calmed me down considerably. Thank you for your invaluable assistance in this matter. =)

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@Bluefreedom….Excellent! You had me nervous there for a bit….I mean, here you are so close to 10K lurve and I’m starting to think you actually believed those were empty hangars you and your buddies were guarding with your very lives….hell, everyone knows they were full of mess supplies…......hey, wait a minute…..who are you guys…...........where are you taking me….....................................................

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@whatthefluther. lol4rl. You unlock this door with the key of imagination. Beyond it is another dimension: a dimension of sound, a dimension of sight, a dimension of mind. You’re moving into a land of both shadow and substance, of things and ideas. You’ve just crossed over into…..the Fluther Zone.

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@Bluefreedom AKA the second rubicon

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@ragingloli: I would, but I don’t want to figure out what it really is and burst her crazy little bubble. I’d rather just let her keep on being a bizarre and immensely entertaining old lady. (And if it is aliens, I’m not sure I want to know that, either.)

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I have seen lots of UFOs.

A UFO is an Unidentified Flying Object. I am lousy at determining bird species – hence I get to see lots of UFOs.

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@Bluefreedom I give you a gazillion LURVE points for not only knowing the entire dialogue for the TZ opening, but then changing it to the Fluther Zone.

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I was at the planetarium today and just looking at all of the stars in our sky, and imagining that each one is a sun with planets orbiting around it makes it seem impossible that we are the only planet supporting life.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra. Thank you, sir. I thought it was appropriate for this thread. =)

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I’m in the desert alot and I’m always looking. I’ve never seen anything but I keep trying. I’ve talked to alot of people who have no reason to make stuff up that say they’ve seen things-military spotters, my kids in australia say they see stuff all the time out in ardrossan.

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@trailsillustrated seeing things you cannot explain doesn’t automatically mean they are aliens or alien ships. Our visual sense is quite limited, and even lowly bees can see colors and light waves we are totally blind to. The simplest answer is usually the best answer, and thinking aliens is the simplest answer is to succumb to the conspiracy theorists fantasies.

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When I lived in Houston Texas I was out on the back patio at about 2 in the morning and I watched a ship about the size of a skyscraper and rectangle shaped float over my complex and into the distance making absolutely no sound. It had white lights going across the middle of it about every so many yards, I believe 6 or so lights in total. It was low flying around where you see passenger jets near an airport after take off and landing. I have never seen a flying aircraft that enormous in my life or in such a shape. Definately would classify it as unidentified.

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When I was a teen my girlfriend and I were headed into Wichita to party. We were stopped by a train. As we sat there some circular object slid into view. It had red lights around the edge of it. After a few minutes my girlfriend jumped out of the car and went up to the driver’s side window of some “old” guy in front of us. She asked if he saw it.
He got almost defensive, and snarled, “It’s probably some new air force thing!” and rolled the window back up.

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