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How can I fix my yard?

Asked by bodyhead (5520points) July 9th, 2009

My neighbor’s yard looks awesome and my yard looks like the Jolly Green Giant threw it up. I’ve got a ton of crab grass, dandelions, clovers and other such nonsense all over my lawn. I’ve got so many weeds, I’m not sure how to tell which parts are the grass anymore. I think I’ve got some bermudagrass in there somewhere.

Does anyone have some suggestions on how I can reclaim my lawn?

I’ve read a couple of primers on lawn care and they say different care is recommended for different climates. I’m in Memphis so it’s pretty darn warm in the summers.

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So you are saying that the grass is greener on the other side? ;)

Take a sample of your lawn to your local gardening store. They will identify it and give you advice on how to shape it up.

Often times it is much easier than you would think.

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When I had a smaller yard, mine looked bad too. I hired Trugreen to come in and spray their fertilizer, weed killer etc. on it for 1 year. It completely turned my yard around. But I stopped it after a year and started doing it myself by asking at the local hardware/garden center what I should put on it at various times of the year. It was a beautiful yard that people actually stopped and told me was beautiful.

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This sounds like the beginning to an infomercial.

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I can’t answer this question with any authority so I won’t but I’m still laughing at the jolly green giant remark. That was FUNNY. Thanks and good luck with the garden/yard

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One solution is exactly what @chyna gives. I used “Permagrass” for a year in my area. However, once I began thinking about having pets and children I stopped the service because I didn’t want them exposed to the chemicals such as the herbicides and pesticides.

Otherwise, I suggest you either go to a nursery and talk to the folks about what to do or simply hire a lawn service.

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I worked for TruGreen and Naturalawn for years. If you can afford it, I’d do exactly what @chyna recommended. In addition, aerate and seed your yard in the fall for a year or two. The best defense against weeds is thick, healthy grass! Once the yard is established, you should easily be able to take care of it yourself. One thing to note about crabgrass: It’s not the same kind of weed as say dandelions, and needs different products than standard weed killer. Crabgrass is treated before it comes up, with a pre-emergent weed control, so it’s too late to get it this year. The only way to kill it now is to use something like Round Up, but that will kill your good grass too!

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It’s going to take work, and it helps if you do it all at once. Though you could work in sections.

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