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How many people play an instrument without having any lessons for that instrument?

Asked by klaas4 (2186points) January 4th, 2008

IE: I play piano by ear, while I don’t take lessons for that. But I do take lessons for drums and xylophone.

Who plays an instrument (lessons or not)? And which one(s)?

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I played guitar for years without lessons..wound up touring in a band (utility sideman: bass, mandolin, steel guitar, lead guitar) in which I was the weakest player..decided to learn how to read music…studied a few more years before taking lessons, then studied very very hard; turned into a pretty nice career, see

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Nice. Anyone more?

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I have not. I don’t have the patience or the natural skill or talent.

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Natural Skill and Talent = Not a Requirement
Desire and Discipline = All it Takes

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Guitar and Bass – No Lessons

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Eight, very good piont!

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I am learning how to play the piano without having any lessons and am learning from various sites and videos on the internet.

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