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Can you name this novel please?

Asked by bright_eyes00 (1343points) July 9th, 2009

A friend of mine told me about this book and she couldnt remember the name of it and I have never read it. Its about a world war breaking out and Florida being nuked and the few survivors stringing together to rebuild whats left of the state. Any ideas??

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Perhaps Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank (1959).

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Is that the one. Where the lead character finds some coffee that was hidden in the basement. I remember him explaining how it tasted, not have the pleasure for so long.

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Um.. Children of the Dust Louise Lawrence.? Although I don’t think that was set in Florida at all…

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It was alas, babylon thanks @Zaku

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The scariest post nuclear novel I ever read was On the Beach by Neville Schute. Not Florida, it takes place in Australia after a nuclear war. The idea is that the war would happen in the northern hemisphere and the last place the fallout would hit would be at the very furthest southern countries. The people there woul have to watch as the world dies and know their inevitable fate. How do you respond?

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That is pretty insane…I dont think I would survive. LOL

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i’ve often been amazed at accounts of what conditions people will put up with to survive. When it comes down to actuality rather than just thinking about it, people do what’s necessary. That’s why we’ve been a successful branch on the Tree of Life—we don’t give up. “While there’s life, there’s hope.”

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there is this new tv show on Discovery channel called “The Colony” and its all about people surviving after a apocolypic tragedy. its a reality tv show kind of like survivor. its pretty interesting.

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Read “Rogue Male”, by Geoffrey Household. Blood-curdling fictional account of survival and revenge. or “To Build a Fire”, by Jack London (can be read on line at ).

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