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How do storms make you feel?

Asked by b (1873points) January 4th, 2008

California was just hit by a big storm, just about a month after the Pacific Northwest was blasted as well. I was just wonering how storms make people feel: excited, scared, irratated, etc. For me, I love them (especially when they knock out pwoer). Last night I enjoyed the sound of my windows almost breaking from the wind and rain and could barely sleep.

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Relaxed, I LOVE storms.

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depends on the storm I guess, but I agree with previous poster…it makes me feel relaxed.

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They compel me to reexamine my overblown perception of my importance in the universe. That’s a good thing.

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Invigorated, passionate, creative and cozy. I love storms!

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(I’m surprised so many people here like storms.)

Me, I feel relaxed and cozy during a storm, like I can forget about politics and focus on all my books and toys. I do worry a bit about getting my brain zapped by lightning though, heard it does bad things to memory.

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Thanks everyone, I am glad to see so many storm lovers!

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