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Can anybody else hear that high pitched beep that a TV makes when its on even when there is no picture?

Asked by jarodbo (34points) January 4th, 2008

I notice it all the time at my girlfriend’s house. She constantly turns off the cable box, but not the TV. None of her roommates can hear it either. I’m starting to think I am either insane, or it’s a gender thing…

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Im a guy, yes, i hear it all the time, i can be in the next room and notice that someone left the tv on.

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I’m also a guy, and I always hear it too, but an LCD makes no noises…

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Same here! but I’m a girl.. I don’t think it’s a gender thing..

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so much for that theory… way to ruin a superpower I thought only us males had….

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I too am a female who hears it. It drives me crazy.

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I“m a woman, I hear it all the time…my ears are really sensitive to it. I can tell if the TV is on, even if the sound is on mute, even before I open the door to my apartment.

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What you are hearing is a tone at about 16,000Hz. Most cathode ray tubes make a tone at about that frequency. While humans can hear sound from 20Hz to about 20,000Hz we lose the high end of our hearing due to age and noise exposure. I would guess that those of you that can hear it are younger than 25 or just taking really good care of your ears.

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That is your TV!!?!?!?!? I am so pissed I have been looking every where for that damned sound. PLEASE get that fixed!

Thank you.

PS It buggs me to.

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I’m a guy and I here it but its not dealt a beep it sounds like a night pitch squeal tyt doesnt stop until u turn off the tv

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In response to mvgolden, I don’t believe people with good hearing has anything to do with it, because I am hard of hearing, and have worn hearing aids most of my life. Yes, I am under 25, but currently do not have hearing aids. I seem to be the only one who hears that high pitched squeal. My father doesn’t, nor does anyone else who comes into my house. It’s quite bothersome. But if by chance, having decent hearing is the case, then what’s my excuse is what I’d like to know lol. :P

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VanityDeity, most likely you have Tinnitus, ( which often accompanies hearing loss.

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Yes, even i can hear. i am 36 years. what is really surprising that my son who is 8 months old, he can notice when the TV is switched on mute and he crawls from other room towards tv. Whats the % of people who can hear this? Can we make use of this special quality that only few of us have?

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Yes, and it drives me nuts.

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